Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chelsea....Chelsea....boohoo :(

WarghChelsea lost.

I wasted 3 hours…and in the end, kalah.

I sacrificed my sleep for the game.

Sadis gila lah game tu.Dah lah after the 90mins abis,

I watch the game alone because everyone has entered the dream land.

Now its 542am, before sleeping, I better perform my subuh prayer, then sleep and I planned to wake up around twelve ,as usual…

Saturday, May 17, 2008

AF fever..

I started watching it 1 week ago..and...


well...nubhan nyanyi lagu semua yang best-best + the look!!!hahahaha....

bosanlah...dah dua hari tak buat apa2..on9 pun mcm bosan.....sebab bosan ni lah terjerumus menonton AF dan termelekat meminati nubhan..hahahhaha..


malas=no blogging

get it??hahaha..

Almost one week dah duduk kat umah nie,..ok lah,my day terisi dgn aktiviti yg santai..
And I need more novels!!!!so tomorrow nak kluar pergi beli novel lagi.

Oh,mama and baba masa awal2 semangat nak send me to driving school.And now dah 1 week i buat bodoh,takde pape pun..Wargh...

lagi 2 weeks dah kena balik UMP,coz kena pergi survey camp in Lumut.

Oh ya,now I'm and aunty,my cousin gave birth to a baby boy.So,I am officially a Mak Long!..heheheh...

Ok buhbye!!!

Happy Holiday!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Exams done!
I'vejust checkout from the hostel.But mama only coming tonight...late night..
I'm gonna have my own sweet time to pack all my stuff.

Oh ya.Today paper is Mathematic Engineering II.
The paper was ok-ok, but it was bad for me because I was having stomachache through the exam.Shit lah.Pain+tension of the question=wadefak lah..!

Then,after exam I straight went back to my room and..Ants is everywhere on my keyboard!!!!!! I try my best to halau all the semut,berjaya but my space bar tercabut!eee....stupid ants!!!

Have to report myself for survey camp on 30th of May,so I only have like 3 weeks to enjoy.

-End of Sem2/Year 1-

Thursday, May 1, 2008

East Coast Mall

Thats the name of the new mall in Kuantan.
Well,I feel so damn relieved,at least there is a place in Kuantan which is kind of "in".
There are many shop outlet.Roxy,Quiksilver,MissT,LovelyLace,Memory Lane. And they even have BIG APPLE DONUT!!yeah..

Yesterday I went there with my girlfriends.And Roxy is having a special offer.Buy anything above rm60 and you'll get roxy goodies bag!!..OMG!!!inside the bag there are, roxy sandals,sticker,notebook,voucher,ticket to roxy splash and...I cant remember but I'm so sure its worth it!!But being there with my girlfriend who are not so into roxy,so i decided to save it for today.

So today I went there again!!...With my good ol' friend,Zila.
We were so excited to get the goodies bag.But then....
walk into roxy..(the sign of yesterday special offer is no longer there)

me:(this is a bad sign)
me:aww zila....the offer macam dah takda je
Z:wait,tanya dat abang....Offer yang goody bag tu dah takda ke?
AbgQuik:Oh.itu punya offer....bblablabla
Z: :(
me: sedey gler....................

Straight away we walk out of roxy.
So damn sad....