Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello again!

Last Saturday I had fun cleaning up the kindergarten in Beserah!..

Wanted to blog about it so much,but for the past two days the internet connection is down.So no blogging.
Now got to do some research for y assignment whish suppose to be hand-in today.But due to the internet problem,we had difficulties finding the materials for the report.And our assignment is..we have to decide what foundaton to be used to build an olympic size swimming pool + the spectator area!!cooll..

kay update later if the internet is ok gotta do some research!!!ciao...

Friday, March 21, 2008


In Pahang the weather is extremely hot! I’m sweating like all the water in my body has turned into sweat.

Yesterday had a great day with my girlfriends. As in me, Su, Sha, Sha’s friend and Min.

We had a fabulous retail therapy. We bought all the things that we like and as usual, I’m so crazy about hair products.

So without thinking further, I went straight ahead into The Body Shop and bought Honey Moisturizing Shampoo and Honey Moisturizing Conditioner.

Both of the products smell nice. Then the promoter promoted me the new limited edition perfume, White Musk Blush. And me being an innocent girl that is bored with my only one CD perfume, so I bought the limited edition White Musk Blush. It smells good, so ladylike.

And this evening I’m going to Berserah or Pantai Balok.

I volunteered myself to help my friend with her TITAS project. Tomorrow morning we will be helping to clean a kindergarten somewhere in Berserah.

I’m bringing my camera along. So I hope that I will take pictures for this blog.

And I hope that this evening, my friends will accompany me to the seaside, so that I can release all the negative feeling inside of me!

I want to rejuvenate myself!

New me!

New spirit!


Ombak yang datang,
Tegurlah aku,
Banyak yang aku nak luahkan,
Nanti bila kau pergi,
Bawa segala cerita lara ku,
Datang semula membawa cerita bahagia.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's happening??!

Malaysia selepas piliharaya......aku sudah tidak berdaya nak memberi sebarang komen atau berkata apa-apa.Semakin komplikated.
Perkara yang berlaku pun pelik-pelik.Contohnya macam perkara ini.

Gelombang Perubahan Telah Bermula

Boleh pula begitu???!!

Cukuplah tentang Malaysia.

Sekarang hidup aku dah semakin tidak terurus.Dengan assignment yang memerlukan pemikiran tahap pelajar "degree",projek yang memerlukan imaginasi yang tinggi,dan yang utama.....AKU MALAS SANGAT!!..

Tahap kemalasan yang melampau kadangkala membuat aku rasa macam nak give up on life.
Tapi bila dah sampai tahap nak give up,aku terus ingat pada Tuhan,mama,baba,danial,danish,mateen dan orang yg memberi aku harapan.

My personal life??
Lelaki yang aku gila-gila kan macam nak mampus suatu ketika dahulu,dia dah wujud balik.Arghhh!!!.Enche A,kenapa kau muncul balik??Jodoh ke??hehehehe...
walau dah beribu kali aku buat2 lupakan dia,tapi gambar dia ada lagi dalam laptop aku.
Dan aku dah tahu nama "senior hot" yang aku 'usha-usha' dari semester 1 aku kat UMP ni.
Memang kalau nak dibandingkan dengan lelaki lain dalam UMP,dia yang paling menyerlah sekali pada pandangan aku.Dah kata aku punya "senior hot" mestilah menyerlah.hehehe..

Enche A dgn 'Senior hot' memang ada penampilan yang hampir sama.Yelah,lelaki idaman aku mestilah dua-dua hampir sama.ROXSTAR!!yeah..

'Enche A' aku taktau nak cakap apa pasal dia.No comment.

'Senior hot'....Sekarang aku sudah tahu nama sebenar dia,terima kasih pada Saimal kerana dia yang find out about it.
Tapi macammana pun aku akan tetap gelar dia 'Senior hot'.You're the only 'Senior Hot' in my life.
And the bad news is that,I think this year is his last year studying here.So next year,there will be no more 'Senior Hot'.
Dah takda pencuci mata kalau aku dah bosan tengok orang yg kurang "hot" kat sekeliling aku.

there are..
  • senior hot (resemblance of Matt Bellamy!!)
  • Tboy (ordinary boy with his own style)
  • MrBao (not so into him anymore,i overcome my addiction.Good for me)
  • Enche A (I want him!!! a friend is enough,not more than that)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arghhh!!!101 post!!

The last post was the 100th!!! and i didn't mention anything about it being the 100th post!

But this is the 101st post!.

The story...

In my university,one club is organizing a concert.It's a concert of UNIC and Akhil Hayy.
Both of the group and the singer sang religious song or we call it nasyid.
Even though I look so un-pious,but I do listen to their songs.
I like listening to all this religious stuff because it is so calm and I enjoy listening to it.

So,it is considered as a religious event,so do I have to wear the hijab?
Hell yeah! it's not compulsory but then..imagine what everyone will be talking inside their head,"OMG look at that,doesn't she realize she is a muslim"."Oh,that is so embarassing to our guest,she's showing a bad image of Muslim"."WTF?she call herself a muslim?"..
I actuallyy don't know what the people will say actually,that is just my random opinion.harhar.
I want to watch,but can I?without wearing the hijab??

Wearing the hijab for one night won't be a problem,but again,people will be talking at my back.I'm so sure people will.

So??Shud I or shudn't I???

I think my answer is...Shudn't!hehehehe...

Hate it when it comes!

For the last few days, I act weird.

I feed myself like a pig!
I'm so emo only God knows how!(for sure emo w/out a reason)
I'm so lazy!
I get pissed off easily!

And yesterday I get the answer...It's because of PMS.

Every month,before the "time" comes, I'll get my PMS and I always blog about it.
Usually I will get a massive headache,but this time, I act like a PIG!!..
Non-stop eating,sleep like don't wanna live anymore,pissed off at everything happens around me and I even hate my Tboy!..wuuuu....

Yesterday was the first day,and I slept like a pig!..i woke up today at 1pm..WHOA!!at that time it was already half of the day for others while my day just began.

I gotta change!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

plain post..

Yesterday, I read shocking news in The Star.But I can't find the news in The Star,so I just post link of the news from Utusan."Pulau Pinang bebas DEB - Guan Eng"

As Malay, I admit that I felt worried reading the news.

Bu today, I’m a little relieved when reading this news.

Even though no action has been taken, but at least, I know that he do cares for his own race.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My blog rarely received any comment. But when i open my blog today, there are two comments.
Both comments are from my good old friend, Arm.

Well, I’m so excited receiving those comments.

Just now, we as in me and Arm, we chat about the video of Dr M that I’ve posted earlier.
I didn’t state that I actually believe the video okay. But the one that Dr M being interviewed about the opposition party promises, Tun ROX!!

I love the smells...

Kalau kamu sudah baca sajak terbaru aku di ChocoVee.

Ia tentang tarikan aku terhadap seorng budak yang mempunyai bau badan yang menarik.

Bila aku cakap bau badan,mesti ada yang ingat bau tu busuk.Tapi ini bukan,bau yang ku maksudkan adalah bau yang wangi.Bau seorang lelaki.

Memang tak tercatat di mana-mana apakah bau lelaki itu,tapi memang tiap kali aku menghidu bau itu terus aku terfikir.."LELAKI!"..

OK!,mungking aku kelihatan agak miang di sini.Hahahhaha.

Dari sekarang akan ku gelar kau ...MrBao...Sebab ianya berbunyi seperti bau!

Jadi, tadi MrBao ada datang dekat dengan aku,aku tak perlu menoleh,dengan menghidu baunya itu aku dh tau dia di belakang.
Ingatkan dia nak duduk di belakang kerusi ku.Tapi dia anjak ke hadapan sedikit dan duduk berjauhan dariku.
Susah lah aku nak menghidu baunya yang sudah menjadi minat ku itu.

Sebenarnya,aku agak bersyukur dia duduk jauh, ini kerana aku nak bendung minat aku nie.
Nanti kalau dah ketagih susah pula.
Sekarang aku dah mula jauh kan diri dari dia sebab.....nanti nak lagi!!!....

(entry untuk 2hari lepas)

Okok...I sound so bitchy up there,now i want to focus on my study and let MrBao himself.
I dont wanna get addicted to "man smell". That is so sick ok.
Ok.enuff of MrBao.
Anyway the entry suppose to be for 2 days ago,so now I'm so ok already.
I'm not crazy over the smell anymore!yay!!..but if i walk pass him,its my luck then!hahahaha....
No more MrBao. Hello Tboy!hahahhaa...

Monday, March 10, 2008


Wanna blog about:

  • Went to mid with danish and we ate assam laksa 2 times!!! and we bought an extra expensives dessert..rm16 for 100gm!!
  • Watch "Duyung" with Danish,great show..I rate it 4/5.
And move on to election...
Barisan alternatif menang kat 5 state kalau tak silap..and mostly because their promise if they win is...harga minyak turun,tol di hapuskan..

So, rakyat mana yang taknak semua dorng dh menang so they have to tunaikan their promises...

Yesterday in the news,the media asked Tun about the opposition party promises...
And Tun said.."Dia buat janji sebab dia ingat takkan menang.."...This is not the exact word,but sort of lah..
Tun is so cool ok!..and yesterday I watched the video on youtube where Tun admit that he put Anwar into the ISA just because he have the power!...

Check out the video

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yay!!hip hip hooray!

Yeah!today at 2pm,I will be leaving to KL!!...weeehuuu..
yesterday all the lecturers cancelled their classes for this today i'm only having Malaysian Studies at 9am and LabConstruction at 10am till 1230pm..

Yesterday went out with my friends to play bowling,so like the malay people says it,"alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan".
So,i've asked my friend to drove me to Terminal and I searched for the ticket..

MM..yesterday went out with Saimal,Aimin,Hafeez and Acap.
First game Acap beat me in bowling and I beat Hafeez!!! least i've beat him onc in my life is enough.But i will try for more.For the second and third game,Hafeez left me behind because his game is so good.
Aimin and Saimal are beginners but sometimes,their perfomanced are better than me.Ceh!..

I've planned my weekend in KL in advance.Cinema.Bowling.IceSkating.

Now, I'm the earliest who is going back among my roomate,at first i was the only one who isn't.
This is what we call fate!!Thank you GOD!

*yesterday i received a parcel from my Bff!..Its an Enche Lamb-boo.
Enche Lamb-boo is the name of that cow it right,plushie??whatever..hahahahha..
Kay..buhbye ppl!!C ya in KL!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


"mint tiket bas balik KL semua dah habis"

Sad news for me.This week we we're given holiday on friday,but i won't be going back because all the tickets are sold out.

Nevermind,i'll be able to clean my room and locker and study.But study?I prefer to spend the time watching movies or reading novel.

There goes my plan of going to the cinema with my cousin and play bowling with Danial.

And i wanted to take my bowling shoe at home.The bowling shoes in Kuantan MegaMall are so bad.Some of those shoes even got holes that u can see your sock from the outside!!

Now I don't have to rush to complete my work because i have the whole weekend by myself.
Oh ya,all of my roomate is goin back for the weekend.The whole room by myself!.Nah!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mateen the cutest!!!

Telephone conversation...

Me: Bye my baby brother
Mateen: ...mdndvjfdnvjdnmd.....(mateen mumble)
Me: Mateen kan along punya baby brother...bye baby brother!
Mateen: ..bukan baby brother..ubcbcdsbcjdbsd

Mama: Mateen ckp,dia bukan baby,dia dah besar makan CalciYUM banyak...
Me: Woah!ahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!

Commit suicide??

I'm so sure about one thing and..I'M getting FATter!!!

Argh i hate being fat and chubby n everything.But the problem is that i love to eat!

Now, i have a bottle of panadol and Coke.

I can eat up all the panadol and drink the coke and...I'll ruin my own life...

Or i can do it the easy way because i also have Mentos Mint with me...Mentos+Coke=ByebyeWorld!

Heh!.then i control myself,think of GOD,family,friends and the people i love.And i won't be killing myself because I don't want to go to HELL!..i need to do more good deed so it can payback all the wrong things that i've done.

OMG!!i can't believe that i plan to kill myself just because I'm getting fatter and stress with everything around me.

People who know me wouldn't believe that it is me blogging. In the real world I'm a "happy-goody-nerdy girl" and this girl don't even care about what people says.
But when I'm blogging, its is from the soul that is trapped in the body belongs to me.

About me: An evil trapped inside an angel body.
That is what i always type when there is an "about me" section. I never realized till now that it is so true!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


yeah!dats me being happy and everything...random pic that i wanna share wif all.
At the back is my classmate Hafeez and he is a good bowler! He manage to get spare and strike anytime he want....but sometimes he's just not too lucky..But whatever..He is betta than me n i hate him for that!...

I was so happy coz he treat me 2games of bowl just because i bought him a sleeping back for his english project!...

Life is like a karma.......