Friday, January 23, 2009

Selamat Malam!

Yeay! bahagia gila dah sampai ke tanah tumpah darahku,Kuala Lumpur.

menghidu udara yang tercemar,kenderaan yang sangat banyak di jalan raya,orang ramai berebut-rebut nak naik feels good to be back!!

Life update??
nothing much.

Why lama tak blogging??
My keyboard bermasalah so nak blogging pun macam terencat jer.Usually kalau nak buat something yang kena guna keyboard,mint akan ke CC a.k.a bilik si meon!.ahhaha

Everyone Selamat bergembira selama 1 minggu.

Happy birthDay to Syahidah!!!!!

M:Eh bai,"hujan" eh? *referring to the weather
F: Tak ar, "meet uncle hussain"
M:huh?...*pehal nie?orang cakap hujan...

beberapa saat....
M: Ohhhh!!!!!hujan as in band uncle hussain!ahhahahahahha
F: lambat ar lu ni...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Live Your Life

I now believed that our mind does control everything that we do.Play,learn,sleep,eat and more.

Last semester I did badly in my studies.And I've learned my lessons.I think the main reason why I did badly is,I take everything for granted.I always did a last minute job.

So for this semester,I want to change. Be a new me!

The first major step I did was MIND SETTING.
I set my mind that 'learning is fun'.'studying is just like playing games','study everyday because its important,very important similar to eating'..Everyday I need to eat,so everyday I have to study.

The subject that ruin my result last semester was Theory Of Structure (TOS).

Now,I set my mind that doing TOS exercise is like playing games. It is called,TOS game.
So everyday I enjoy doing TOS exercises as much as I enjoy playing poker and solitaire on the internet everyday.I loves to play Spider Solitaire and never get bored of it.Now Im learning poker!

I really love my new method of changing myself which is mind setting.Its cool you know.
Since I think of it as a game,its fun!!

Now I really do believed that the MIND control eveything.

Try it for yourself!Have fun!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

tik-TAG-toe 2

Yup.Thank you to teeha for the tag .I'm bored,thank you.(i love you teeha!!)

(1) Do you think you are hot?
-hot?..Ingat mint ni coffee ke?...I'm cold as fire and HOT as ice..

(2) Upload your favourite picture.

(3) Why do you like the picture?
-All of us are super happy!went to visit Manja....awwww,...manja cute!

(4) When it's your last time ate pizza?
-About a month ago

(5)The last song you listen to?
- Rehab by Rihanna....(i wanna go to the concert!!!!)

(6)What are you doing right now before this?
-Reading my poem that has been translated by someone I don't know.

(7)What name would you prefer besides yours?
-I love my name,..Besides Azmeen Aida,I prefer Adleena Aida. nice name right???

(8)People I tag
-Ence A
-Ence B
-Ence C
-Ence N
-Ence F

(9) Who is number ONE?
-Anyone who name starts with an A

(10) Number THREE is having relationship with
-maybe Makce K

(11) Say something about number FIVE
-he love nasi impit.ahhaahha

(12) How about number FOUR?
-he is addicted to secret recipe's cheesecake.

(13) Who is number TWO?
-Anak Mak B!

p/s:I didn't tag anyone because....I TAG EvERYONE!!!!!!pemurah kan????

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wish...

Waktu-waktu macamni,Mint berangan ada seseorang yang protektif.
Protektif macam Edward in Twilight.I just wish.....

Don't they know that throwing paper balls is such a LAME thing to do?
Bet they can't differentiate between what is lame and what is not.

p/s;Anyone want someone to tag along to Rihanna concert?????*blink*blink*
Rihanna is coming

Take a bow with Rihanna in KL next month

Monday, January 5, 2009

Time goes by,people change.

Sedang berbincang di luar pejabat bersama rakan-rakan.
Semua rakan berbincang sambil mengadap ke utara.Mint mengadap ke selatan.Face-to-Face punya discussion.

Tetiba dia lalu.Mata Mint secara automatik pandang ke atas.....autopilot mode....

Monolog dalaman:
ish..kenapa nak tengok dia nie...
Oh no!Dia tengok mint lah...
Ke dia tengok kawan-kawan Mint yang turut berdiskusi ni?
*Mint pun toleh kan kepala ke arah kawan-kawan.*
Eh..dorang semua tengah sibuk bercakap.Betul lah dia memang tengok Mint tadi!!..
Eh dia senyum eh tadi?Mulut Mint pun on autopilot mode sebab dengan tak sengaja mulut nie pergi membalas senyuman dia.

Wah.Barangkali kalau dulu tahap kebencian ada di paras 5,sekarang sudah turun ke paras 3.
Kira ok lah tu.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

semua family members from Singapura tiba di Kuala Lumpur 2 hari lalu.
mint kat Pahang.Tak dapat jumpa dorang semua.Cousins,aunty and uncle.
Kena tunggu for their next family trip to KL pulak.

Esok dah start kelas.
Good Luck to myself.
Won't be blogging much.Not as much as last time.

Till then.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!!!
*won't be blogging much.toodles