Tuesday, March 30, 2010

owh man!

Time is running out!
24hr are not enough for me right now.
Can I have 48 hours a day.So,that I can double up my working hours.
even my biological clock are all messed up.

If don't have time,then where do I get the time to blog??well,I need to rest after several minutes.So,I used up this time for blogging.

Last,weekend went to Malacca for mandarin camp.It was good.
And now??
I'm so running out of time.haha

Serve me right?

I think I will not have the time to study for my upcoming tests.So,before the results are out,I wanna wish all my friends CONGRATULATIONS!!!
hahah..I so can predict the future.,,.hah!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm on hiatus

Yup,break from blogging.

Miss me?gagaggaga..sure none,even the family haven't call for the past 4days.haha..

Getting busier,but then,the lazy part of me are increasing as much as the work load.

And I think that Ashraff Muslim is super howt!!

Tomorrow will be going to Malacca.I'll be going for 3 days,its for Mandarin Camp.

Wish me luck and pray for my success!!

I'll be needing lots of luck to go through each day,so if each person who read this blog wish me,I will have lots of it.....hehehe....

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE in whatever you do!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not so joy

Ingat kan balik KL this week will be normal as always.
But then,I was emotionally disturbed!
I even gave my parents the silent treatment since yesterday.

Danial suggested,"Jom pergi Sunway"
Yup,I'm going there in less than an hour.
At least when I look at people in Sunway,I may be calm a little.
"Owh,They are just like me."

If these people are in Sunway later,means they are just like me.hahhahaha

Tapi.....kalau Sunway kosong japgi,memang EMO bertambah lah.aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Kay bye!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MorningGlory13 (not so morning)

Mood Gorning.

For 3 days straight,I had no classes.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday.
And my brain stop working.
Yelah,rajin pula Mint nak study kalau takde kelas the next day.
Pending work to be done are all q in a line,but still...procastination is a thief of time....

Today I woke up while singing in my head.Seriously!I know its weird.
I'm singing Condition Of My Heart by Justin Guarini.

I miss ya!!!
You are next to me,yet so far away.
So far that I can't even see you.


p/s:He really don't remember me,or he act like he don't know me??HUMILIATED!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not always

Aww Mie Gawch!!
Oreo sangat sedap.
Jangan beli oreo yang packaging single tu.
Beli yang dalam kotak,yang ada 2 tubes in a box.
Yup...it taste different.
The one in the box are superbly delicious!!!
I've been eating it since the evening till now.Can't stop.
Arg!!!!delicious and it is to die for type of delicious.

Kenapa I malas sangat ni??Lebih rela duduk mengadap lappie sambil makan oreo yang SUPER sedap!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

mis zeer de familie

miss 'em all..

"Long,abang and danish nak beli kereta..along nak beli kereta apa?"
"Huh??mama nak beli kereta ke?"
"Bukan,danish and abang yang nak beli"
"Serious lah..."
"serious lah ni,sekarang on the way nak pergi Sunway,nak buat card initial D"
"hahahahhaha....along ingat tadi betul-betul nak beli kereta,tu terkejut"
"ni semua ustat gamble punya pasal.Abang dah teriku-ikut sebab tiap petang teman ustat gamble.Danish every monday je"

Ustat Gamble is the nickname for my baby brother.How did he get the name??
Dia kan sekarang sekolah ala-ala Islamic,so macam konon-konon ustat.But then,everyday after picking him up from school,terus pergi Pyramid and straight to the arcade.Average amount RM5 everyday.Ustat Gamble.

"Long,ada mak cari anak dua orang hilang sebab pergi race kereta!!!"
"hahahahha..bangang ar korang ni,mama tak tau ke?"
"tak.tadi abang ambik adik balik sekolah,jalan jam,so terus pergi Sunway.hahhaha..tapi anak dia race dalam arcade,so selamat"
"Nak balik dah ni"

"Long,tadi kitaorang nak pergi sunway,dah siap-siap pakai baju semua.Konon nak cakap nak pergi top up dengan mama,tapi nak pergi sunway sebenarnya"
"Dahtu pergi tak??tutup pukul berapa arcade?"
"Macam tak logik je pergi sunway semata-mata nak top up.Arcade tutup pukul 12.Dah siap-siap pakai baju tu."

"Long!!!tadi mama masuk bilik...mama cerita hari ni mama and Mateen pergi main game kereta."
"mama pun main initial D!!!ahhahhahahha..."
"ahahha,,,korang jangan terkejut kalau lepas ni mama ada card sendiri.bukan 1 tapi 2 atau 3"
"Tulah,lepas ni mama siap ada kereta for drifting,for speed..ahhaha...along bila nak buat card?"
"nanti lah...dah dah..bye!!"

See!!macammana tak rindu.Almost every hour call.Update me on everything.HAhaha..
as if I'm there.
Its the school holiday right?The family is going to Muar for three days,and then Port Dickson.

ahahhahahha..When 2 best bebal friend meet..
I really gotta work harder.No more badibadibadibadi.hahahha

Gotta use up the weekend wisely.Go Mint!!yeah!

p.s:Now my fan-to-friend progress are positive.responsive and fun!!!hahahaha...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its Thursday!!

Every Thursday,either something good or bad will happen to me.

Today at first it was bad,that I feel like screaming my whole heart out!!!!!!!!!!
But then....hours later,the cloudy cloud was blown away by the wind,and the sun shine through :)

Happy I am!

Misses the family very much.Thinking of going back next weekend.I miss SunwayPyramid too,haha....
Oh ya,just now I chatted with two of my cousins at the same time!I know its nothing,but to me it is a "happen-once-in-a-lifetime" thingy.
On FB I chatted with my cousin brother from my mum's side.And on YM I chatted with my cousin sister form my dad's side.I just find it cute!!hahaha...doesn't make sense?so what...I just find it cute.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Its going down down down

Mama can't help,
Baba can't...
adik-adik can't..
no one can..

wuargh!!!!!!!!so sad to hear it from mama just now.
Such a sad news.

I'm so left out!!
Feel isolated!

"Bukan nye keluar exam pun benda tu,lupa kan je"..

Mama don't understand.

Gotta make a backup plan.


Got a long way to go!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

JacqAz day out! (2)

Owh yeah!
We went out today.
With no mission and vision..hahaha..whatev.

At 1230pm we're supposed to attend an event,but then under some circumstances,we managed to get away from the event.
On the way walking back from the venue,we decided to go to town and "cuci mata"..

"Dik,nak keluar ke?"

Ecececeh....Farah asked this one cute guy!!but the cuteness can only be classified in the so-so level.

Cut story short.

Arrived,and window shopping.
Accidentally met MrV...(dupdapdupdap)..

"Farah,pergi kejar...mint tunggu sini"
"hah k.."

We didn't managed to stop him.hahahha....

Since,I haven't eaten anything since morning,so we decided to eat in BCC.
It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.
And the dessert was superb!

After eating,continue with "cuci mata" activity,
And without us asking,God granted us 4 bodyguards.
 Muka memang natural habis harini.rambut lagi lah au-naturel.Camne leh dapat bodyguards??

Of course.
Maybe we look cute together??ahakz.
Right bai??agagga...

"ada bodyguard,ada bodyguard"

dah nak balik pun still capture picture.Still can't believe what happen.
Attractive?Macam sengal je tengok
Cute?ada kowt...

p/s:Bai,I bet.."heartbeat" was meant for the bodyguards lah.Got nothing to do with kaum kerabat.Kan???kan??

Dedicated to Mrs Leader...

There is never a “hello”,
Nor there is a “goodbye”,

Getting to know you,
It’s not regret,
If you know me,
Then that is great,

I wish to see you everyday,
Because it makes me sway,

As we get nearer,
My heart always gets thunder,
When you go away,
I just wish you would stay,

No, it’s not love,
And it is not a like,
All I know is that,
I just love it when you are in my sight.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teatime with Adianeem (5)

Bommie tengah bersantai lepas penat setengah hari bekerja.
Tiba-tiba dia rasa handphone vibrate.
"Oh,Minzy call..kenapa eh?Bukan she's on da way to a show ke"

Belum sempat Bommie nak call balik or sms...dah ada dua sms masuk..

Ah Shit!!

Bom!!!siyesly howt gossip!!

Bommie terus terduduk and she get all excited.

We meet after your program finish.


Bommie is worried.She think that something huge must have happen,because Minzy reply with such a short but exaggerate "Ah!!".

I'm going to die babe!!!

Your reply make me curious babe.You concentrate on your program and we'll talk about it later.See you.

At 1pm.Bommie meet up with Minzy.

Minzy tell Bommie about what has happened.

"What happen?"
"The boys over flower was looking at me seriously!!they even took their turn.One person at one time.I was walking behind them"
"OMG!!!They notice you!!!"
"I feel like shit.They look and talk..."
"Look at you???really you??"
"Yup,I've checked...The Aku's was in front of them,and no one is walking behind me.So obviously it was me!!"
"wow!!such a progress....congratulations!!...how does it happen?"
"First,I walked happily and suddenly all four of them come out from nowhere and walk in front of me.So i keep myself cool.Suddenly KimJoon turned,he stare at me for long time...."
"walk while stare at you??"
"Yup...then KimJoon face the front and whispered something into JiHoo ears.Then it was JiHoo who turned and look at me...Then Jihoo face the front and say something to all of them.And then....it was ZF...and ZF was talking.I've never seen him talk like that before.Then it was WB turn."
"Wow babe!!!this is Daebak!!"
"ZF and JiHoo program was held next  the room I'm going in to."
"After arriving in front of my venue,I pretend not to look...then I took a chance to look into the room  ZF and JiHoo was in...both of them are staring at me!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Owh Mie Gawch!!!So,that is why I received an sms sound.."Ah!!"..hahahha"

Then,Bommie and Minzy plan something.They wait for ZF and Jihoo program ended.
They wanted to make sure that what they are thinking are true.
So,Bommie and Minzy decided to go to the CoffeShop at the exact same time ZF and JiHoo went in.

It was a planned-coincidence situation.

Minzy heartbeat was beating faster than usual.
Just like what happen to Bommie before.But Minzy's is more terrible since Minzy are head-over-heels towards ZF.
Bommie got no feeling.So it was not so big deal when it happen to her.

p/s:Its fictional.True.

herlow yellow

Hi there.

Life great and sometimes just not so good.
But then,the family back home are having happy time everytime I called em'.

16days till 20March.
Pray hard so that Baba will do something about it.I really want it.

Studies are not so good.On the rock I think.
But then,its my job to turn the not so good to BETTER.

Emotions???As always,sunshine is shining all the time.But sometimes,cloudy.

The weather is super hot.And I get all sweaty whenever I walk under the sun.Super-panas.

oh ya,
note to self:You are running.So cute!
and one more thing...monday morning was gloomy...

till then!

I wish that one day I wake up,and my hair is silky straight.And not like this!