Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday is a Curse-day

HI everyone.
Dah lama Mint tak blogging for real.Today,I feel like i want to!!!

Dari zaman sekolah rendah,Thursday has become my enemy.
I hate it when its Thursday.

During my younger days,every Thursday kena pergi piano lesson.I love to play the piano,but I hate practicing.I sucks big playing piano.I stopped at Grade 3.Lame??? day I'll try to finish what I've learn.
But I still can play it,if you give me notes,then there is no prob.I'll play the song but out of tempo.

Then,move on to my teenage years.High school.
Since form 1 till form 5.Every Thursday I have to face the subject that I hate.I still remember,during form 3 it was Geography and during Form4 and Form 5 it was Physics.
Me hating physics????then how did I end up studying engineering???Weirdo!

University??did I hate Thursday??
I think during my freshman year I hate it.The reason is,ada lecture subject yang susah on that day.
During my third year I loved Thursday.Its my "ManManHani day"!!!<

Now its my final year here,so do I still think that Thursday is my curse-day???mmmm...
I'll judge it at the end of the semester I think.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It was such a blessed day.I thank God for it.I think He loves me.Right???
I love you too!!

Syukur for everything.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A kindergarten homework.

I have a friend.
His name is Bob.
He went to further his studies oversea.So,now he is in a foreign country.
I received an e-mail from him this morning,
He said that he is coping well.He is now friends with the local people.They eat together.Walk to class together.
He feels like he's part of them.
Well,I'm glad that Bob is very happy and comfortable with everything.
So proud of him!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


The Malaysia Mega Sale is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder yesterday mama shop by herself!!!!well kononnya nak entertain Mateen and Danish,but she's the one who spend RM$$...

yesterday Danish called me several times,he's bored.hahha

"Now mama tengah pilih handbag for dinner tonight"
"Cakap mama,I want Handbag!!!!anything will do"
*scream*Ma...along nak handbag,macammana pun tak kisah!!
"Ok dah cakap"
"ok.bye dik"
"Bye long"

2 minutes after....

"Long,mama kata,next week,kita hangout Sunway,along pilih handbag,tunjuk kat Danish.Then nanti mama belikan"
"Ok!!!!!no problemMintak duit lebih for breakfast and lunch next week skali"

This week I'm goin back.And me and Danish gonna be Home alone!!!wootwoot.Nasib baik takde Danial,if not sure party 24/7.


p/s;BaiSingh.Mystar ye!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm not a Kiddo no more.

I was doing my assignment.Then I took a break and FB-ing.
I view one of my ex-schoolmate profile.She just celebrated her 22nd birthday.It was so fun!!
Her friend treated her surprise birthday party,with after-party videos!the pictures are all awesome!!!!
so what??do i care??well I'm jealous.hahahha

She's 22 and she lead a life of a common 22 years old would.
HAhahha...I'm such a dork! I lead a dorky life for a 22 years old girl...Girl??well I think at 22 we're a Lady.
Its not that I hate my life or what,I'm just comparing it.

Maybe I haven't reached that turning point yet.Age is just a number.

I know..i know...its not good to compare your life with someone else life...but sometimes we have to.
I'm not saying that I hate my life,I thank God for everything.
Maybe she has what I don't and I have what she doesn't.

People never had enough right??

Saturday, July 24, 2010


How are you?
I think I'm fine,thank you.

I don't know what is wrong but I ate too much.
Nak kata time of the month.mmmmm....still 3weeks to go.
After dinner,I had ice-cream then a bar of chocolates.Lots???yup.I thought my little red friend is coming anytime soon,but when I look at the calendar and count..."No...He visits me last weeks"...memang myself loves to eat!!

Yesterday the courier woman call me.
"Oh dah 2 hari,kami cuba hantar barang pada cik azmeen tapi xde orang"
"oh ye..."
"barang dri Mr go..(blablabla..i tak dgr..tapi nama cina mana tah)"
"esok kami akan hantar before pukul 1.kalau tidak kami akan hantar balik pada pengirim"

So,today I asked my brother to wait for the parcel.I even woke up at 10am to make sure that he is up.

And...I got it!!!!!

Lastly..I miss my mama,baba and the three muffins!...and I miss my old hair!!!!!!!!the straight one.ish.


I HAVE 3 MTV WORLDSTAGE TIX(normal zone ticket) ....anyone interested???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Change of background??
Well, TCBONTB told me that by this friday,my blog design will be gone.which is tomorrow.So I decided to change the background today.

I dreamt of the three muffins!!!My brothers.Must be because I miss them.Less than 2 weeks I'll be seeing them.But danial???he won't be around though.


p/s: I like the character MissPearl from The vampire diaries.She's so pretty.We share something in common which makes me adore her more.Miss pearl!...heehhe

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hi there!|

Spain is going to the finals!!!
All of my family members are supporter of Holland.Yup!From baba to mama to ME to danial to danish. Mateen is out of the league.
But now,it is Spain against Holland...which side am I suppose to support?? Spain I think.They are my first group.Holland is my number 2.

Oh life update...hahahha
I just did some work that I'm suppose to do at the beginning of the holiday.Its like 3 more days for class to start.Hahaha.Procrastinating much huh.
Rather than I do nothing,at least there is something.

What else eh??...
Oh,Duduk kat rumah sama je macam duduk kat UMP.I have to pay for lunch.
Every lunch time,Danial will drive and pergi mana-mana for lunch.Haish.Unless kalau the parents at home,then I don't have to pay for my lucnh.
Today I'm going to Carrefour Subang Jaya for lunch,anyone wanna join??
Danial loves to eat the Chinese Muslim food there.Oh ya,the Chinese guy,which is the son of the owner of the shop,look like a friend of mine!!!!WCE.
He look just like him!!!seriously.The first time I saw him I was so SHOCKed!!!tapi dulu before kenal WCE,jumpa dia elok jer.Oh yelah.masa tu tak kenal WCE lagi.

Oh.I have a Tumblr account.If tumblr is better than blogger,maybe I'll move my blog.Maybe lah...I'm so lazy to even update this blog,ini kan pulak nak berpindah bagai.

Kaylah...enuff ranting.\

p/s:BaiSingh::::I will blog about your abang sayang and dongsaeng,tapi nanti lah.Not in the mood lah.hahhah..Nak bloging about it kena ada perasaan riak penuh di dada,now i feel so humble.ahakz!.