Thursday, September 30, 2010


mumma,do u think its berbaloi to byr rm$$$ utk jumpa artis korea?vip dpt ambik pin n dpt autograph..

mama rasa lagi berbaloi kalau beli hp.Artis korea tu is just another korean face

tapi ni not just any face,jaejung.haha.

Jaejung ke....sama je

along pergi yang rm$$ lah

tak abis lagi cite jengjung

Owh.maybe I'm not going lah in the end.And this news dah spread to the family member,and dah jadi joking tools.As always,i'm the clown in the family.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


for some reason I have 2tickets to the Paramore concert in Kuala Lumpur.
Its PS4...which is the rm98 tickets.

I want to let go both tickets and price are negotiable.

Leave out your details or whatsoever if yyou want it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Aidilfitri 2010 (part 1)


Disebabkan semua orang Mint still dalam mood raya,I’m so excited to tell all of you about my Aidilfitri this year.And this entry will be meaningful to me as it will tell me what it feels like when I read this entry in the future.HI FUTURE MEEN!!!!
I want to type my activity starting from Thursday 2nd September 2010 till 20th September 2010.ITS A SUPERRRR LOONNNNGGGG post.So bare with me,or Bye!!!

Mint menasihatkan:tak payah lah baca.Its more like bragging than blogging.

2nd September 2010 Thursday
Yeay!!!balik kampong!!So I wait for the bus in front of UMP.And while waiting,a car stop across the road, and a young Chinese man walk out of the car and wait for the bus with me.
And when my bus reached, he rode the same bus as me.Ok….reached KL. I walked for a bit,and rode the monorail. As I was entering the monorail door,the SAMe Chinese guy that rode the bus with me enter from the opposite dor.(macam drama dah).

Mint prepare nak turun.As I walked out of the coach, the SAME Chinese guy walked out of the coach in front.OMG!(more drama). From,Dang Wangi Monorail station,I have to walk to PutraLRT dang wangi station. Guess I walk with who????

The SAME Chinese guy!!!hakhakhak.I walk right behind him.

Dua tiga langkah dia jalan,he will looked back at me,dua tiga langkah pusing lagi...I was like..(-_-)

Its not like I follow him. So,to make him feel less awkward,I jalan slowly,take my own sweet time.And suddenly his speed increased.Biarlah.
Reached the station I pun buy my ticket.Turun the escalator to underground level.Jalan towards the door that the train will stop.sementara tunggu,Mint menikmati pemandangan..and….him again!!! dah over drama dah ni.
Train arrived.Yup! We rode the same train.He turun at station Taman Universiti,which is one station before mine.haha.I turun kat Taman Jaya.
_end of drama_

3rd September 2010
Bangun pagi,gosok gigi,cuci muka,pakai baju….And ikut Baba to work!!
Danish went to school and Mateen follow mama to her workplace. The son follow the Mama and the daughter follow the Father. Cute je kan.
Since it was puasa,so tak boleh nak breakfast or lunch or whatever.
I reached Sunway at 9am.Ada pulak shoping mall buka awal tu. So hangout dalam Baba’s office.Arranged some documents.
Around 11am..Hello Pyramid!!!jalan alone,searched for envelope.Setem.Finished some chores given by mama.
Finished all my important job around 1pm.Then,went back to Baba’s office.Rest for awhile since I’m fasting.
At 3pm..

“Ba,Along nak pergi jalan-jalan kejap eh?”

Hello again Pyramid!!!Walk alone.Windowshopping alone.Waste some money in Watson.haha.Loook here..look there..Tunggu Danish sampai,sebab we promise to meet up because he want to ‘bergambar in Pyramid wearing baju sekolah’.
Dalam pukul 4pm baru Danish call.So we meet up and do what we’re suppose to do.

At 6pm.ByeByePyramid!!

4th September 2010
Can’t remember what I did.

5th September 2010
Mama and Danish kemas rumah.Baba cuci baju.Mint jemur baju sambil teman mateen watched tv.haha.Well,dari dulu mama memang tak suka give me all the hardwork.Its like she lupa that I am there.haha. Then petang around 4pm,I macam dah takde apa nak buat,so I join mateen tengok TV.
Baba baru habis basuh baju,and he bawak some drops of air into the kitchen and dining area.

“Yang,tolong jemur.Tu last”

I so semangat pergi jemur baju kat dapur.At the same time,Mateen and Danish tengah tengok DreamTeamSpecial. Sedang Mint jemur baju…

“Cepat long!!!!mak xander!!!”

Mint,tinggalkan all the baju and berlari to the front.Bukan lari main-main.Takde lari-lari anak.Tapi lari betul.Sedang Mint berlari dengan penuh semangat…..BUP!....(I jatuh at the dining area,due to some drops of water brought by baba into the house)
AUCH!!!sakit ok.

I had a front fall.My stomach and breast hit the floor at one shot.The pain in my stomach was unbearable,and it remained till night.And I had a big bruise on my knee and my leg..So if any of the Ukiss member or Xander’s friend are reading this.Tell Xander and aunt Chungmi,I was a fan of  them!!!and I fall because of them due to my fangirl spirit!!! :)

Hahha..I’m a proud Kiss-Me!!!!

6th September 2010
Baba went out for work.Mama and Danish kemas rumah.Mint….SLEEP!!!!hahahaha…pukul 12tengahari baru I tersedar,itupun sebab mama dah screaming macam apa..”PEARL!!!!!BANGUN LAH!!!!orang semua busy!!!dia boleh tidur!!!!”…woah…

7th September 2010
Mama continue to kemas rumah.And this time I helped.Because it was my room.Itupun I joined around 12pm.ahhaha.

8th September 2010
Yay!!!!today Danial balik!!!!Bertolak from KL tak ingat what time,we reached ALAM at 4ish-pm. Masa tiba kat Alam,denial and his friends is waiting outside.
OMG!!!DANIAL!!!!rindu lah.dah 7 weeks disconnected from him.
Sepanjang perjalanan from Melaka to KL…banyak betul cerita si Danial.And it feels great listening to him rambling!!!!
Baba drives us straight to Masjid India.We berbuka at some Indian fine dining restaurant.

9th September 2010
Early morning, all of us sibling sleeps in the car while mama and baba went to the market to buy ingredients for Raya foods.
Reached home 10am.All of us changed into our cleaning attire.Only mateen are allowed to sleep till noon today.Danial and Danish cleans the garden and the porch.Baba help mama to cook.Mama cook.And I lipat baju.AHhahahha…tak mencabar langsung my task.

12noon.Mateen wake up,and I mandikan dia.
Then mama gives us outside task to be done!!
  • Ambik rendang kat rumah Mak Andak
  • Beli tshirt putih untuk yayi
  • Ambik kuih kat ofis mama

So we start the task at 2pm.From PJ-ShahAlam-SubangBestari-SubangJaya and and back to PJ at 5pm. And surprise…surprise…masa tu all of us still belum mandi from pagi!!!!siap pergi Giant,Mydin bagai..and tak mandi.Busy betul.Mateen is the only one in the house yang dah mandi.Euuwww tak???

After berbuka.Siap-siap pakai baju kurung and my adik pakai baju melayu.Its Malam raya!!!!
Masjid dah bertakbir dah.

8pm-meet up with aunty Kelly at DarbyPark. We had Chinese foods for dinner.And its malam raya!!hhahaha. owh,my family are not the only Malays there,ada lagi satu malay family having their dinner juga.

10pm-Go to Mama Intan house and Takbir raya.Baru lah melayu.

10th September 2010
Selamat Hari Raya!
Pagi raya all the man in the family go to sembahyang raya.
I helped mama to kemas meja and hidang makanan.
After sembahyang raya.We had our raya food!!!

“Long,nak tau something??”
“Masa along mandi tadi,kitaorang ajar matin.Ini kuah dole,nasi kotak,and kuah cakang.Lepastu tadi dia mintak…’Abang,nak nasi kotak sengan kuah dole’…”

At 11am,gerak to rumah Mama Intan.All the family members from Baba side is there.Ingatkan sampai-sampai boleh buat sesi bermaaf-maafan like every year.Tapi….we were so shock!!!
All our cousins are still in there shorts and shirts and tengah kemas rumah!!!!lagi weird family ni.

Lama pulak tu dorang kemas rumah.So tak sempat nak raya,at 12pm we gotta make a move sebab the men gotta perform Friday Prayers.

Petang,the family member from mama’s side attack the house.Now it feels like raya.
Since I’m the only girl in the family.Its a one woman show!!!! Cuci all the pinggan,isi the kuih raya,refill the air for the guest,susun pinggan mangkuk,helped mama to hidang. Nak pergi cuddle-cuddle dengan my babycousin lagi.

 After maghrib,we had our family dinner,since we hadn’t had a proper one since morning.Then,watched whatever special drama that is aired on TV specially for raya.And at 11pm,everyone zonked out!

11th September 2010

Suppose the day should start early.Nak pergi to all the kubur.Disebabkan nak pergi kubur jer.Everyone wear the same baju as yesterday.
Keluar rumah around 11am.Pergi petaling Street to buy some petals.And then straight to Kota Damansara.

We reached Kota Damansara at 1pm.Baba kata the weather panas sangat.So,pergi lah Carrefour…Macam heaven je pergi Carrefour time raya,takde orang.Boleh main kejar-kejar kalau nak.
Around 2pm baru gerak from Carrefour.First is nenek’s kubur in Kota Damansar.Then Atuk’s at SS(I can’t remember) and lastly is Mak Bibik’s and some moyangs kubur at Jalan Ampang.

After visiting the kubur,pergi beraya kat A&W Jalan TAR pula. Bak kata baba.”Kita dah memang takde kampong,macam ni lah nak spend the raya,malam karang kalau nak pergi Mcdonalds pun boleh.”

Petang,I went to Sg Wang.And I patah hati (sedihT_T)

At night.Mama and baba dah tidur.And we are bored.So went to WangsaWalk.Plan nak tengok Resident Evil..Dah siap bertaur nak masuk cinema,then kena tahan.Sebab show ni 18pg and mateen are still 6!!!

“Long,abang tu tadi bukan Tanya umur mateen,dia Tanya umur along”
“Otak dia!!!tah-tah dia lagi muda dari along”

Haish.Memalukan je kena tahan.So we get a refund.With the money,the boys pergi arcade and waste it there.Raya kan.hahhaa.

*everyone end up wearing the same baju for the whole day,which means,all of us wear the baju for 1st raya on 2nd raya too!!!except for Mateen.

12th September 2010
Mama and baba go merayau-rayau sekitar KL.And bawak balik LOTS OF FOODS!!!!
it’s a Sunday.Duduk rumah and watched tv!!...kan banyak rancangan khas sempena tengoklah.

*13th September and so on…nanti lah be continued…..

F-A-d-D-y R-o-B-0-t

f-a-d-why ai ai ai...r-o-b-0-0-0-T..


Raya was a blast.But the higlight of all.sesi bermaafan-maafan between the family terlupa nak dijalankan.haha.Bajet modern habis lah konon.Dah lah malam raya orang semua tengah sibuk bertakbir,my family pergi dinner at Darby park!hehe.
Nanti ar blogging about raya. nak sleep.

Oh,my purpose of blogging before sleep is that:

Hello to any dentist that MAYBE  reading my blog.I need your help.
Last 2 weeks I had my tooth checked.And I did repaired it because theres a hole in my teeth.My problem is that,now I wear my retainer,and it doesnt fit!!!!why?

Go do a new retainer??need $$$..that day buat one teeth pun dah cost mama some RM$$$,pity my mama.hahaha.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paramore in Malaysia ticket

it may be too early but,I ave something up on the concert day.That is why i'm selling it.

Mine is PS4....selling with the original price..RM98..

You don't wanna miss it!!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Selamat Pagi!!!

Sekarang 6:35pagi.
Mint punya bas scheduled bertolak dari Kuantan pukul 8:00pagi.
So around 830pagi Mint dah berada dalam bas.
dalam pukul 11pagi macamtu,Mint akan berada di mana????
the place I called my kampung.
Dah tu,memang betul lah,dah kata KgBharu tu my kampung.

Tapi sedih je,Rumah kampung dah takde,sebab kerajaan dah buat jalan.So,dah dua tahun ke tiga tahun,pagi raya kitaorang(my family) lalu je kat tempat yang pernah jadi our kampung.Sad :(

However...Raya is coming soon.
I might bake some kuih raya this season.I MIGHT lah..tak confirm lagi.
Yelah,being the only girl in the family,yang lain tu tolong tengok and komen je.Yang paling kuat condemn my kuih will be my Baba.And yang paling suka puji my hardwork will be my baby brother,Mateen :)

Kaylah.Nak cari some recipe before I siap2 nak balik.


Seandainya ada Azmeen melakukan salah,atau telah mengguriskan perasaan kalian secara langsung ataupun tidak,maaf ku pinta.Sememangnya,sometimes I do things without thinking.And kalau kadang-kadang mint emo terlebih tu,its because of my period.heh. :)