Friday, September 28, 2007


At 10am this morning,me and my roomate happily walking back from class to our room.While we're walking nearby the postguard,suddenly.....

Guard:Awak tau tak apa kesalahan awak?
Meen:Tau..*innocent face on*
Guard:Saya bukan nak tegur,tapi awak punya color rambut tu nampak sgt,jd saya terpaksa
tulis nama awak
meen:mmmm...ok..*muka yg sgt decent*
Guard:So,saya terpaksa suruh awk pakai tudung lah,mana card matrix...mmm...tolong sign sini!!

I am like so baik!!!But FUCK oFF!!!who gonna wear tudung!!!!HHUHUHU.... how can u paksa ppl like that!!YAAYA..i know i'm the one who is wrong by going against the rules!!But then open ur eyes and look!!how many chinese girls actually coloured their hair,,not forgetting some boys!!!!...WHAT_E_VA!!!
Ok now i sound like a real SATAn!!!hehehe...but i don't wanna be to i'm gonna coloured it BLACk...oh cut that out...dark blue will be cool...or dark green!!dark purple!!! now. for the time being..i'm going to buat bodoh!!!lalallallalalllalalaa...

My point of view:*formal mode*
Well,i think that the government or the higher education ministry should re-do the rules and regulation of University.For example,nowadays,coloured hair is the in-trend,So obviously no teenagers wanna be left out of the trend.Then,what are they trying to do by not allowing us,the students to coloured our hair?well,dress code to class rules is fine because if there is no rules in dress code,may be some students will wear unappropriate clothes to class,BUT HAIR???whats wrong with it..
Don't the government want to produce a "BRAINYand TRENDY" generation..or they still want to stick with their mission of producing,"BRAINY and NERDY" generation.Fashion is not so bad anyway.
There is two situation:
Imagine there is a conference going on,and it involved the whole world,including my beloved MALAYSIA!
1)Malaysia reprsentative is an engineer,with a thick nerdy spectacles,with an outdated large blouse(which is prouced 30 years ago),with extra red lipstick,so not balanced make-up on the face,with hair parting in the middle,and a shoes of her mother..which is also the fashion of 30 years ago!
2)Malaysia representative is an engineer,with hair which is so UP-to-date with the latest fashion,pencil skirt,silk tunic shirt(armaniexchange),handbag from lesportsac,,so light and natural makeup!..and lastly shoes....and not forgetting those light-n-attractive accessories.

So can you imagine it a liltle in your mind what did I actually wanted to say here?if yes!!!u are so with me..I want to be the BRAINY and TRENDY,even though i'm not that SO UPDATED with fashion,But HEY! i have a fashion sense too..but its so tiny!!hehehhe...ok nuff thinking what to do for two weeks before going back to KL,because my aunty is the inly one who understands my hair!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Half Ramadhan

Its already the 15th day of fasting..and 2 weeks left till balik kampung!!!

today i miss my family so much and i call mama,cousin and fren..tomorrow goin to call more people..
Yesterday i received 50 free sms,international sms is also included!!!(yay!!get to sms wif aimi sayang!!)..and this morning i bgn...i received another sms saying..U just received rm12 bonus!!!

2 weeks!!!but before that i gotta go thru 2 test!!!...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh Tuhan!

Yesterday this blog was so perfect..but today,the link is gone,the cbox is gone!!..
This weekend i'm gonna fix the blog again.. Its gonna be good TIPTOP!
(look at the word with the strike,today i learned how too use the HTML in comp class!!so i will apply it on the net!!!)
Now so busy with homeworks,classes,assignment,so weekend is the best time or Friday evening will also be good..

Till the,,TOODLES..

p/s:now i love to read RantingsByMM ..

TEST_Mathematics_6 October
_Materials_10 October

MAJOR PROBLEMS:my bus to kl is on the 10th at 9am!!!so how? @#$^&@#!@

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok,now i know why i was so damn EMO yesterday.This afternoon i went to the toilet and...TADA!!!...i'm having my period!!!

No wonder yesterday i was full of hatred.I hate my life,my friend and everything surround me irritate me LOT..I can turn into someone who is full of hateness when i'm having my ppl stayback when the time comes!!ngee....
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Symptoms

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): A woman with PMS will have monthly cycles of symptoms in mood, behavior, and/or physical functioning. Though bothersome, these symptoms are usually not severe enough to interrupt a normal lifestyle. Most women who experience PMS symptoms cope with symptoms at home. A few may seek medical care for very severe symptoms. These symptoms affect the following:

Mood - Anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, irritability, depression, forgetfulness, confusion, insomnia, hostility

Behavior - Cravings for sweets, increased eating, crying, poor concentration, sensitivity to noise, changes in alcohol tolerance

Physical functions - Headache, heart pounding, fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, bloating, breast swelling and tenderness, constipation or diarrhea

Info is from PMS

Well the info is so true,yesterday while i was doing my math,at the same time i was eating Cocoa Frosties and cursing myself and ppl around me.And i cant stop from eating junk foods espcially CHOCOLATE.Just name it,chocolate bar?hot chocolate?koko krunch?sweets?cookies?Anything with chocolate is nice...Hate PMS!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I hate people who loves to make faces,act as if they are so ganas but the truth is they are so manja!!!then wanna win all the time..and love to used those low class curse words like..babi,bodoh,bangang...they also use fuck,bitch and bastard but they seems to use it at a wrong time!and they want what other ppl have...I HATE THEM..i know this is too much,s*t like normal ppl will do,without putting your **g up in public places!!or maybe for kampung that is cool!!!WHAT-E-VA!!

this is my luahan perasaan di pagi hari!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Just finish my construction lab,then go take bath then i decide to do laundry because "alang2 my tenaga dah habis,baik habis kan terus"...then

I am so tired coz now is fasting and so thirsty....a slurpee would be delicious!!!4 hour to break fast!!!....
I so hate those teenagers who didn't fast during ramadhan.Its like so teruk.Doesn't pray is still considered ok becoz maybe it is hard for some ppl..but fasting for 30 days,ONCE in a year pun susah ke??!!! cmon lah fren...In my class there is 1 boy who didnt fast and its like everyone knows bout it..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Not in a mood!

firstly,yesterday after blogging bout the guy that i had a crush on,I went to Bazra to buy foods for my breakfast,guess what i saw?That guy i had a crush on is buying foods with a girl.Well the girl is cute and chubby.They are friends maybe or even more but i don't really care.

Today I get to know my Mechanics result,its a 17.5/50!!Bravo azmeen.
I really need to work hard to get good grades next time.Yesterday i'm so proud of myself because i manage to do my math problems on my own.And today i went to class and found out that I did it wrong,but still i tried my best yesterday.

Another 3 weeks till BALIK KAMPUNG!!!My kampung is not exactly a kampung because I'm goin back to KL then to my rumah which is in PJ!!!YAyyayyay!!

I'm not in a mood because:
>lack of energy
>didnt "sahur" yesterday
>I feel like a liltle evil with an angel face today

So..thats all for half of the day!Now its 12.59 and i'll blog for the rest of the day..tonight or tomorrow or whenever i feel like blogging.
Its my blog and I GOT THE POWER!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm crazy over you....

This post is about one of the guy that i have a crush on.
So....TRANSFORM mode!!

Well,every week,about 3 times my class will join with Section 20 for lecture.And I am so attracted to this guy who is from that class.I told my girlfriend about it but in a way that shows I am not serious.I act as if it was just a normal girl-boy-crush.
This Saturday going to have a practical and actually this boy has bought his ticket to KL for the weekend.When the teacher ask why he wanted to go back,he said that it was because of personal problems.
OK!!!enough crap!!...then my friend ask him.."you are going back by bus or plane?"..and he answered.."well it is only KL so by bus.."...and i was like WHAT!!BY FLIGHT!!...(so he is rich!!nyumnyum)
Then my friend told me that last time he went back to penang by airplane.So i said.."oh he's from penang?".."Ya,he is from the island,he is rich,he lives in Miami Bay".."WHAT!!!MIami BAY!!! i am so attracted to him..totally..!!!"...

Ok i know i sound so materialistic,but again,what more can you ask for??!!..And when the class end,my friend ask him who's house is he goin back in KL and where..Then my friend told me that his family has a house in KL which is in DAMANSARA!!*kaching*kaching*

Ok..back to normal!!But if can..i want him!!!ahhahhahaha...I'm gila!


I just received the latest news that the girl body that was found in a bag was Nurin'

What i'm so geram about is that,i tell my rum8 then she was like.."who??what girl??whatbag??"...well i am so pissed off coz..HELLO!!dont you keep yourself update?nama je ada internet tapi.....hampeh...

see,this is what happen when i am so pissed off.I will be blogging in a very "rojak" language.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Just get back from material class!!tired,exhausted and thirsty.
Gotta wait 1hr n 30 mins to break fast.

Life update:>fail my math
>fail my mechanics
>fail my material

in other word>I fail everything...haihz what will become out of me!!???

anyway to make myself happy,I've wrote a poem...

I may....but

I am not beautiful,but inside i am
I may look undone, but I always smell nice
I may be stupid,but dumb i'm not
I may be innocent, but vengeance is full beneath
I may look harmful. but please don't come near me
I may look arrogant,but shy is what I am
I may be fat, but that is not what i want
I may be annoying, but that is part of me
I may look straight, but trouble is always there

You may jugde me, but get to know me
The "may" may turn to but,
And but may turn to "may"

You may know me and hate me,
But please accept me for what I am.

by AApAh

ok...suddenly i find that blogdrive is more fun than blogspot...and blogdrive have a tagboard while blogspot...NAH!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Something is just not right.Its already been 2 day fasting and whenever breafking fast,i dont have the appetite to eat like i usually have!...It is really weird..

Azmeen aida lost her appetite to eat!!!!??????

I dont even care what to drink,mineral water is enough.Usually i will drink tea or soya milk when break fast,but for the past 2 days no..Mineral water is enough..


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ola Blogspot!!!!!!!

Yay!!finally decide to transfer my blog from blogdrive to blogspot.Because i think blogspot is more easier and lots of the webpage have links for blogspot user to most things.So why not choose the easier one!!!hehe..but i'll miss blogging in blogdrive and the chat box.Eventhough the chat box contain only 3 people conversation.

Today is the first day of Ramadhan.

Nothing much to update.