Monday, March 19, 2012


Oh...pic of my trip dah transfer from camera to lappie,tinggal nak upload je...nanti lah,mint baru teringat ada assignment kena submit esok!!ehhehe.kelam kabut baca 10 journal..well,lecturer tu minta at least 10 references.

Ouh,Now kalau dengar azan,I will teringat those times when I was in Madinah and Makkah.It was so peaceful...5 minutes before azan dah rushing nak pergi masjid.
However,I enjoyed it more masa kat Madinah.Sebab kat sana,bila azan,everyone will kelam kabut nak pergi masjid,ada yang berlari-lari.Yang kedai tepi jalan semua kemas barang sebab nak tutup kedai for a while.Tapi in Makkah,orang kat sana tak sampai tahap berlari nak pergi masjid.
Compare Madinah to Makkah.Makkah are a bit chaotic I think.

Ok lah!nuff blabbering.Time to sambung baca journals!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012



shud have post my umrah photos by now,tapi tulah.masa tak mengizinkan and of course...MALAS!hahaha...the time will come when azmeen is rajin and she will share all photos :)

yesterday had dinnerwith 2 of my girlfriends...So,when girls get together,of course the topic will be about..gossips,gossips,the future and of course about boys!!!hehehhe.

Both of 'em dah ada boyfriend.But we're so cool.We chat along well.And they keep on repeating,''dont worry azmeen,sooner or later..''...hehehe.Believe it or not,one of my friend punya boyfriend is actually my high school crush.

and today,my friend e-mail me a picture with quote that goes...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm back.
It was a great trip :)

Tapi yang turn off tengah pening pasal subject registration.
Orang lain have no problem,but I do as i have failed 2 subject!!! yup,not 1 but 2...terasa hina je diri ni.

Maximum credit mint dah register subject that I shud register for this sem,and total credit yang dah register is tinggal lagi 3 credits balance.
I have to choose between the 2 subjects that i have failed...haish.runsing!

tomorrow will talk to my friend and maybe she can advice me ke apa ke..oh,yang my friend tu x fail any subject,double hina terasa diri ini :( ...
takpe,maybe its His way of teaching me a lesson and I took it as a wake up call.

Today Thursday and I have class at 6pm..ugh!bermula lah semester all the way from KL to Shah Alam memang tiring.If only I have a driver,so along the way boleh rehat-rehat.haha.

dahlah.Selamat pagi!