Friday, September 30, 2011

Its my day!!

After studying for 4years in Universiti Malaysia last!...
Alhamdulillah,on Saturday will be my convocation day :)


Owh,and I think my parents will look the most semangat one..baba dah siap-siap packing sampin,songkok....and since its on Saturday..the whole familly will be wearing red!...its the TVXQ spirit baybeh!..hahaha..Saturday is a red day you know.

Tomorrow the rehearsal session will be held,and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.Meeting my ol friend!!!!wonder how they are after months of not seeing them.
(shit! my english sound so awful..lack of practice ni..)

owh,thinking of being all romantic and buy my friends graduation pretsie...but too bad :((( i have no income..hehhe...SORRY DEAR FRIENDS!!!!

Ok lah!...

*I hutang myself post of KMW
*And gonna blog about my convocation day too...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Put your hands up!!!

step one: Put up your left or right hand.
Step two: Make a "V" sing with your index finger and middle finger...

(pic taken from here)

Yup thats it!!!2 days till kwave malaysia..Oh yeah!!

Ok.short post as I gotta start studying for my class at 6pm today.its Miss Yasmin class.I like her!!she's so beautiful :)) *that is why I'm so semangat*

I just send mama and baba to Sogo because the want to shop!shop!shop!...and I received a phone call from mama..

Mama:Saiz kasut along sama dengan mama ke??
Me: mmmm...a size bigger than you
Mama:...Ada kasut everlast ni...nak??
Me: Kalau mama rasa cantik belilah..
(baba at the back:Cantik!!sweet je!!!)
Mama:ok lah,mama tengok...

As I want to hung up I heard mama said to the shopkeeper.."bagi saiz 8..."

Oh yeah!!!!!new shoes!!!!

note to bai singh:Bai,ni my second everlast dah.yours???hahahha...pehal wa semangat beli brand leader endorse ni.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

its getting hot in here!!!

Owh yeah!!!!I went to SuaraKami...and I get to see Nelly live!!!!!
OMG!!!!i've been singing his songs since I am in primary school...its like a wish come true :)))
And next week,at the exact place which is Stadium Merdeka,I'll be watching my favourite dongsaeng *L.Joe* live!!!!...and Jiyong!!!and Top!!!!and Ukiss!!!*eli!!!* ...and...and...have I said L.joe???hahahhaha..ooooooo..hope the kwon twin will be dancing for gtop..

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hatttchuh!!!*pergh,banyak betul habuk and sawang kat blog maklum lah,dah almost more than 6months I haven't been blogginf for real.

Upon request,I'll blog about my first day as a Postgraduate student of UiTM. :))

I have successfully end my studies in convocation will be held on the 1st of October 2011.

14/9/2011-My first day of class as a master student.(I was nervous the WHOLE night before I went to class.If you don't believe it,try ask BaiSingh,since I told her that I am nervous almost every hour). I start my day by driving to UITM,Shah Alam.Bertolak dari rumah pukul 8am and i reach uitm at 830am...Now comes the big problem..PARKING!!!!!
Since its my first class and I taknak lambat,so park je lah tepi longkang.Kalau nak cari parking spots,memang harapan lah..
Semangat tunggu lecturer depan class.Budak-budak yang ex-uitm semua sibuk chitchat,gossip.But,I am all alone.So, asal ada orang yang macam friendly and senyum.."Course apa??...nama apa eh??...duduk mana??",soalan common nak mulakan conversation. :)
Then dah pukul 9.30am,lecturer tak datang lagi...."Perhatian,class cancel!"..
DAMN!!!disebabkan the next class is at 2pm,apa lagi,balik lah.

Reach home at 10am,and baba called.Breakfast with baba in SunwayPyramid.
Alang-alang dah sampai pyramid,I decided to cuci mata and spend my time in SunwayPyramid till 1pm.It feels good!!! Pyramid is my 2nd home kan..hehehe

Problem arise again...PARKING at uitm!!!....haish.lemah betul.
My first class..Environmental *something-something-I-can't-remember*..hahaha...
Each class is for class end at 5pm..then at 6pm I have another class which is Advanced Soil mechanics (my major subject)...owh ye,lupa nak bagitau,I am doing master in tak???

Since this is the first class,so at 8pm lecturer bagi balik.Yeay balik!!!!!tapi hujan tengah lebat betul...tapi nak buat macammana,drive je lah.I am so berhemah,I drove 60km/hr at federal highway..hehehhehe

apa lagi eh my first day??...mmmm...I think thats about it..

My class timetable:
Wednesday: 9am-12am,2pm-5pm,6pm-9pm
Thursday: 6pm-9pm

eh!!jap!!jap!!!I want to make a BIG SHOUTOUT to BaiSingh...Thanx for reading all my smses yang banyak gila I send during my first day.I was so nervous!!!!

Note for BaiSingh:Wa dah fulfill request lu.hehehehe.

p/s:Sorry entry macam orang gagap sikit.Dah lama sangat tak blogging,I've lost my touch.Eceh!

Note to Ljoe:Noona-ei kidarihaeyo???