Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spot Me!!!

I still can't find the time to blog about 2 happiest day of my life.hahaha.
In other word--->>LAZY!

However,HotMagazineWebsite have posted something about Beast Showcase.

And...this is the article.

SPOT ME!!!!!! picture is the smallest of all...Proud weh!...hahahaha

Can't spot me??Nvm,I'll post the picture here then....

nampak tak?KaKAKAKKAKA...

kaylah2...Spain VS Portugal.
C'mon Spain.
Japan dah say byebye :(

Monday, June 28, 2010


Saturday went to the showcase.
Sunday...."MEET AND GREET" session.

I'll update detail later.Just wait.Now gotta go watch futbol.

Oh ya....BEAST JJANG!!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time goes by

Masa awal cuti.Rasa lama betul.
And now,,lagi 2 weeks dah kena balik UMP!!!!
and I'm so busy...ahakz!
OMG!!!can't wait for this Saturday.
I went to 2 event in one week gap and I went to both ALONE!!
yup.jalan sorang,duduk sorang,menjerit sorang.Macam loser pun ada.haahahha.Tapi minat punya pasal,Ku harungi jua. :)

Oh ya!one more event into the diary.MTV worldstage.
Anyone ada extra tix?????I want.....ngeeeeeeeee.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2nd date!!!!!!!

haish...orang kata tak elok riak-riak.
So mint malas nak cerita.But still I feel like sharing.

My second date is on this Saturday!!!!anyone wanna come??hahahhaha
If last week with 7 of 'em,this Saturday will be 6 of 'em.

I'm such a lucky girl.

Thank You Allah.
I promise that I will be a good girl all year long!!!Thank you God for giving me all this chances.

p/s:BaiSingh seperti biasa,terkandas.Hope God will bless her sooner.ehhehehe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Date to Remember

Today is the date that I NEVER SHOULD ever forget.
I went on a "date".Ahakz.

With all 7 of em'.

I feel blessed.

EncheAli and EncheKarim look me in the eye.Aish...

"From AisKacang,you will turn into water.You will melt"
-kata si Allen before they sang for me...End Of The Road.

I melt for real!!!!

Something funny happen during the date.And only JacqAzz knows bout it.Nuff said.(pretsie bai...ahakz...)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sunday-Monday-Tuesday>>>I HAD DIARRHEA!!!!!hate it!!

Tuesday-Went to Malacca then Muar
Wednesday-Back in KL

Cameron Highlands


P/S: Spain lost... :(

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reached KL on Thursday morning.
Friday did nothing.
Saturday,went to LengLeng's wedding.Saw something *D* ahaxxzz....

okok...quick update ni macam poyo gila,as if everyone wanna know what I did.ahahhah.

Picx and REAL update soon~~~~Azmint is having a fever now,and she ave no voice,sore throat.


Friday, June 4, 2010

How ya doin?
I'm doing great!

Oh ya,yesterday I had a day out with Mama.It was awesome.
She would buy just about anything that I want.But i pitied her,I can't waste all her money in one go,so I controlled myself.
I only bought a bag from teetoo.Some blouses,oh ya,mama wanted to buy me a pants from M&S,but I keep it for that there will be next Day-Out-With-Mama.
YUp!just the two of us.
Since we're tired walking,we took a break at BurgerKing.The CaramelSundae is to die for!!!!

Ohya...I just realized that the bag I bought is HUGE!!!!I've planned on using it to class next sem.hahhaa.Me and BaiSingh have came out with a solution.(huhuhu...ZF and YL)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Terengganu.Then Kelantan.
Take care everyone...happy holiday!!!

15days to my BIG_DATE!!!auumm...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Watching Netherlands vs Ghana now.

Breakfast was KokoKrunch,lunch at AyamPenyetRia(again!!),Dinner in tesco and I ate Luozhong style stir fried mee (I prefer the Lanzuo style beef and mee more),for supper i had porridge with some Chinese-fermented-vegetables..(i don't know what its call,they sell it in supermarket but I ate the one that my baba made).Perfect.

Woah!!Goal!!!the dutch-1 !!!half-time then I'm going to sleep.
Tomorrow gotta do some laundry,study,and start packing for the trip.
2 days to go!!!

Woah!!!VanPersie and Affelay really outshine in this match...
AFFELAY!!!!(found someone to look up to during WorldCup..huhuhu...)

hahhaha...the number 8 player have a unique name..De Jong..
owh,and Van Bronkhorst still in the team...


Bai,today wa kuar,wa tengok sume macam Leman,maybe wa rindu dia kut,ahaks.
Break kali nie,wa tak banyak update tuk lu ar,lagipun kalau anything wa text lu.
Oh ya,maybe nanti wa akan menginap di muar untuk satu malam.Harap2,lu bersedia dengan barang2 lu untuk jumpa wa.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Woah.such a busy week.
The past week,this week and upcoming week.

Too many things to do.But still,my FYP ain't moving a bit.hahaha.
Busy doing other things,such as,going out for lunch,dinner,window shopping.Oh ya,and family meetings.Too many meeting!Because we're planning for a trip to the EastCoast.

East coast,here we come!!!!

Tomorrow,gotta go buy all the things needed for the holiday.
Wanna go online also doesn't have the time.hahhahhaha.poyo busy.ahhaha.

Wanna go read up something.
Oh ya,now I'm so in love with Usher's OMG ...oooOOOooo...OOOoooo..OhMyGod!
JustinBibir is a big no-no,but I know the whole song!hahha