Friday, December 3, 2010

Its December

Wah! time sure goes by like a lightning!
Yesterday I'm all stressed up due to studying,and in a month time from now I'll be going for my industrial training.WOAH!..

Today might be my last day here in UMP.
Told mama to pick me up today as I've settled all my task.
Owh man.Everything I do today will eventually be my last in UMP..


Oh ya.Now is the last month of the year.December.
So far,December treated me very well.
Ibarat bulan jatuh ke riba.
I'm praying for more to come.
Since day 1 of december,my mood are always :))))))).

Kaylah.Gonna take my last morning shower in Ump.hahaha.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

janji harus dikotakan.

Nanti mint blogging for real.tapi ni kena tunaikan janji towards sorang aunty nie.
She asked me to promote her shop,well....I'm the one yang volunteered nak promo kedai dia.

Its....ICE HOUSE!!!
kalau makan this ice thingy,nanti bolehlah tripping konon makan patbingsoo.
Since malaysia is an humid and hot country,so you can eat it all year round.
Dah lah yang buat the ice is a total LengChai!!!woah!!
Kedai aunty ni ada dekat depan cinema ECM(East Coast Mall) and the other branch kat TC...

Ok!Kira my janji dengan aunty tu dah dikotakan.

Yesterday me and farah TERbeli because of the promoter lah.

More surprises UP NEXT!