Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soul vacation

In a week,my soul will be on vacation.

Now my soul is preparing herself,i'm trying my best to make it less duniawi.

Owh,sepanjang my sesi mengenali cara-cara mengejakan this vacation,I baru tahu yang safa and marwah bukan padang pasir!!
like seriously!!all this while,bila orang cerita pasal sai'e,mint akan imagine orang ramai-ramai lari atas padang pasir.(tulah,tak pernah nak ambik tau!!)
Rupanya tempat tu,berlantai marmar.takde pasir-pasir nye.(Based from what I've seen on tv)..Will see it for myself soon.

Here I am Oh Allah; Here I am Oh Allah who has no partner
All the praise and provision and sovereignty for You, who has no partner

p/s:To my dear reader,(which I think ada lah sorang dua je yang baca)...kalau selama ni Mint ada buat salah or ada sakit hati dengan nak mintak maaf....Kalau mint ada hutang apa-apa,bagitaulah...or nak halalkan pun boleh :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Dah sebulan my adik,Danial tak balik. Today he will belayar to Bintulu then straight to Vietnam.So he will be back in Malaysia around 29th of february.
Since the whole family will be away when he is back,so we decided to met up with Danial yesterday.

Bertolak from KL pukul 630am,pick Danial up at jeti Tanjung beruas and straight to Muar for breakfast.
Muar....I love it there!! I felt so at home.As if Muar is my kampung.I just love it there....and I found a shop in Muar selling cheap teddy bear...If in Kl the price will be like Muar,the teddy are only at RM49.90 !!!!gila kan????..

After breakfast,stopped by an old indian convenient-magazine-shop...mama bought something and I bought epop magazine.Its hard to find Epop malay version in find it in SunwayPyramid lagi lah...a thousand years pun it wont happen...and lucky me!!! january epop are still available,and I think its the last piece :) there goes my rm16.90..*sigh*

Malacca!!!!Danial did some banking then straight to Jusco..
The mall are so peaceful! unlike SunwayPyramid,where it is so crowded..
Danial treat the whole family to JcoDonut then we head off to Starbucks..We chillax in Starbucks for almost an hour. We had our siblings moment as both Mama and baba went MIA..
I'm in love with the mall!!!Boleh study kuwt dalam Starbucks sana since it was so peaceful.try sitting in Starbucks sunway pyramid,hahahha,memang impossible to study lah kan.

Had dinner and farewell with Danial :(
Will meet him again when we get back from 'the trip'..Danial the only one not going,so mama and baba sampai kan pesanan in case anything happen to all of us during 'the trip'...
Hope everything goes well and we will be back safe and sound. 21 days to go till 'the trip'..InsyaAllah.