Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tak jumpa Mrs Sunshine pun

Dinner time was the highlight of the day.
Mama prepared Nasi Lemak,so aunty Kelly came for dinner.As usual,when the family gets together=gossip+chitchat+laugh-OUT-LOuD!!
Mama and baba suddenly brought up the subject about my future wedding.ahahaha

my brothers kat tepi bukak topic sendiri and go...
"Dik,nanti kita kena ajak husband along pergi potong!"
"A'ah...dah ar wedding dia siap jemput artist oversea..."
*I smile when I heard it.Obviously my two brother is talking about Siwon becoming their future brother-in-law...ahhahahahaha
At 11pm went to ampang to meet Mama Intan

Day 3
_Still tak jumpa Mrs sunshine
Me and my brothers prepared dinner for the family!!!cool!
We prepared weird dishes using french baguette

*I tak jumpa Mrs sunshine not because I woke up late.I didn't get out of the house.Baikkan??hahahha

Mama have planned my activities for Day4:
12pm_lunch with the family.

Ok!...i will force myself to sleep and get ready for bowling!!!..


Sunday, November 22, 2009


1st day!

I'm a good girl for day 1.
Semalam sleep at 10pm and this morning baba woke me up at 745.
Feel so fresh waking up early.

The 845am,went for breakkie,After breakkie pergi pasar.
Mama and baba went into the market to search things to cook for lunch,while Danish,Matin and me lepak at a kopitiam nearby.

Balik dari pasar,terus get on the net.
Online since 1pm till now!..

Oh..at 3pm,keluar pergi OldTown,my tuition centre buat family day...

Konon berniat.cuti kali ie nak berdisiplin ar,sleep early and wake up early.Sekarang baru 2nd night and now its 329am!!!!memang impian takkan jadi kenyataan.

Oh ya.
Baba punya new office is situated in front of Sunway Pyramid!betul-betul depan main entrance ok!
So,yeah.....Mint akan ikut baba pergi kerja.hahahahahha......
Cinema!window shopping!and for sure.....cuci mata!!!!..hahhahaha

Nak try to sleep so that I won't miss Sunday morning breakkie session.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sesame Street

I love ernie!!!
Ernie so cute!

When I'm stressed out,I listen to Elmo singing elmo song and Ernie singing the rubber duckie song!

And lastly I'll watch Hagemaru

Thursday, November 12, 2009


*updated.Correction due to teguran dari Tan.
Selamat pagi...

Nak tidur nie...tapi before tu nak bagi sepatah dua kata...

"Atik beradik harus saling sayang MENG-Sayangi,
Atik beradik mesti menghormati...
Esok pergi jumpa atik,pegang tangan cakap...atik,abang minta maaf..atik beradik harus meng-sayangi satu sama lain..."-AhSng

Tak paham?takper,yang penting Tan tayunk paham...AHAHAHAHHAHA...

Good luck for Environment!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hope it gives you hell!!

Wherever you go I’m calling Even when you’re breaking my heart Wherever you go I’m crawlin
-Fallin Apart,AAR

Can’t you see I beg and plead Cause when your eyes light up the skies at night
(Back To Me,AAR

loves the words.Its kind of too much,but still wanna dedicate those words to Sean ...ahhaha...

Monday, November 9, 2009



Lucky me that I digged my own grave.I can close it anytime I want.

Thank Allah for the path that He have shown me.

One down three to go.

Stop digging for the time being.


p/s:I'm stuck between Sean and Wan....can I have both?!..hahaha..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Television full of vision.

“Abg,kalau jumpa TeleBi tlg kirim salam.haha.kalau berkemampuan bli lh apa2 yang ada TeleBi..hahahah”

“Apa telebi?”

“alamak,susah ni…abg hakim jumpa je lelaki hensem kat jepun tu,sampaykan salam purl.haha..telebi tu femes gle,masuk2 jpn je abg hakim jumpa kowt..

“ok2.take care”

Tanpa membuang masa terus ambik handphone and MMS gambar TeleBi to abg hakim.

Moment later…

“Kalau abg akim p tmpt2 gay msti jumpa punya lh!hehe…ok nk masuk dh ni,take care!”

Hahhaha…yup,I admit it,they look gay-ish.Gay looks are attractive sometimes.Go gay!..hahaha

my cousin will be in japan for 8 days.He going to some motorshow.He went on Sunday…so he will be back here like in next monday.Hope he buy something.haha..


Ok…so…life so mess up now,but still,don’t judge a book by its cover!

For example:

The cover of a book may look calm and cool and attractive and whatever,but when you read it,the story is about a girl who is abused and harassed by her own father and brother and then she died.The girl turned into a ghost and she fight for her right…and blblablabla…


I THINK I’m I’ve  a been stalker STALKED!



Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I run into 2 pics while I'm on the net...
Both pic have same theme@message@whatsoever...but it gives me different feeling...
Lets check it out....

totally no heart feeling looking at it..

This one....it makes my heart TINGE!!!(is there such word?whatever..)

I want it!!!
I want it!!!
I want it!!!

ahahahhahah..ok...its my own way of releasing my stress....

p/s:...Bai singh!!!!try tengok gambar bonus ni,specially uploaded for you...

bai singh....ada resemblance "U-know" tak???ahahahahahh...

Monday, November 2, 2009


"I hate you!!!"
"Fine,you went to some religious thingy..but then I saw some pics on the net.And I hate it"
"C'mon..I'm cool with you going to the concert and moshing and everything...."
"Moshing and jumping around in concert is different,but you went to chit chat with I-dunno-who plus your picture talking with that bitch is on the net..."
"Bitch?Ney,thats not a good word to call someone"
"ney,study for your finals kay and stop thinking too much over a picture."
ahahahahah...this is an entry that shows how stress out am I....ahahahha...weih,finals in less than 1 week and I'm like blur to hell...

I'mma gives you hell!!
I'mma gives you hell!!
I'mma gives you hell!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sunday is F-U-N-day for me.Especially now,when I'm at home!yah,it feels good.
Now I'm sitting by the balcony with KLCC and KL tower in my sight.(ok...sounds bragging..)
Wah..KL so calm on Sunday.

Okok.....Since its FUNday,i want to blog with my La-la land self.

"Ney,Today I'm going to HK for some event"
"Ah...just say that you are going there for Halloween"
"no,ney,seriously .There's some religious event"
"I don't believe you,even if I do.I don't mind,I'm going to a concert tonight anyway,so its fair right"
"You are going to a concert??See!!you are the one who is celebrating Halloween.Who are you going with Ney?"
"I'm going with my brothers so dont worry kay."

Ya,I went for AAR concert yesterday,and it was a BLAST!!!pop shuvit rules people!!!obviously AAR rock the night.I'm still having a slight headache due to yesterday concert.I screamed like theres no tomorrow.JUMP!JUMP!JUMP!....

And,I feel sorry for my Siwon baby...(hhahahhaa,its been a long time since I call him that)..
He did told me the truth.He went to some religious event yesterday,while I'm the one who went to enjoy the night.....

Oh,this is where I found out about what my baby did last night....click here.


back to treal world...

but the part about the concert is so true.The part I love the most is Marabahaya by Pop Shuvit and obviously AAR!!!

I'mma gives you hell!!
I'mma gives you hell!!!