Friday, May 28, 2010



Last two days,AyamPenyetRia.
Then,the next day,ThaiThai.
And Just now,or more like yesterday,AyamPenyatRia again.

All of it,you can get it in SunwayPyramid.
Macammana lah I nak elak dari gain weight.
Oh ye,if you are wearing size 4 and you are saying that you are FAT.You are so tak bersyukur.hahahha.
You are not even near the word FAT ok!!!

I tak emo.Happy jer.
Mama kata,"nak buat macammana,happy sangat."
Tapi the downside is that.I can't find a suitable swimsuit!!!!
yesterday,they have the size,but not the pattern that I want.hahaha.If you can find a swimsuit easily,then just consider your size NORMAL.If you wanna know what is the true meaning of FAT,ask me. :p
Where am I suppose to get a swimsuit my size!!!I want to go swimming.

Matin:Ba,nak main teka-teki tak?
Matin:Siapa orang yang cacat?
Matin:Along!!!sebab dia gemuk sangat.hahhaha

Matin:Long,jom main teka-teki.
Matin:Haiwan apa makan pisang?
Matin:Matin orang lah bukan haiwan!!
A:okokok...along ada soalan..haiwan apa tak boleh duduk diam?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selamat Tengahari

Dah lunch?
I belum,I had heavy breakfast this morning.hehehe.

Oh yesterday,at this moment,something happen.

Kan mama ambik I for lunch in Pyramid.So as always,mama parked depan office baba.And I nampak ada kereta audi TT putih parked next to us.
Pergh!!!kereta tu dah lah hot!
and....driver dia hot ke tak???
I bet dua orang tu anak melayu lah.Hish.Tanpa ragu-ragu,I terus call my friend to tell her about it.
Memang my mata tak tenteram masa dalam sunway.tercari-cari.hahaha.
After lunch,around 3pm,walked out of the mall,and that WhiteAudiTT dah takde.
Oh ya...I remember the plate number..DoubleP-Triple3-DoubleQ.
Gila apa,even the registration number mahal kuwt.

I thought of window shopping alone after lunch,but then Baba asked me to do something.

No lunch for me.Every Tuesday is Tea-time with the sibs in OldTown.haha.

p/s:Hahhaha...I keep saying that I'm bored.And I totally forget about what I'm suppose to do for my

Monday, May 24, 2010


Hari ni I'm such a normal person.
Bangun pagi.Kemas rumah.Siapkan lunch/
And watch TV.

Oh ya,the last time I cried is after my exams.hahahha...and today I did let my tears out.
I sob while watching The Sisterhood Of the Travelling Pants 2.
Lucky I was all alone.Don't know whats wrong with me,that I'm so into the movie.Maybe because I've watched The Sisterhood Of The travelling Pants 1.

Oh ya,I made some facts while watching it.My own facts that is.I think some America-asian boy are kind of attractive,don't you think so??hahha.

Kaylah.Gotta get ready for lunch.Mama picking me up to take me lunch in Pyramid.
hish.i dah semangat buat lunch,and mama ajak lunch luar.
Hish.membazir je I goreng ikan and panaskan kuah kari,oh,and masak nasi..ahhahaha.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I kan semangat 1Malaysia.So I watched Citrawarna.haha.Cool ape tonton citrawarna,baru lah belia.

Oh ye.
Akademi Fantasia 8??8 ke 9??hahahha...seriously I memang tak tau.

Owh,mama buka channel tu,so I watched.
Hensem jugak si Shahir ni.
Hensem...menang pulak tu.
Menyesal tak mengikuti AF...hish...ada eye candy rupanya.hish.

 Patutlah BaiSingh tak habis asyik promote si Shahir to me.Yes bai,now i realized,he is an EyeCandy.Dengan braces lagi...auwww....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mint is sick.

Dah dua hari Mint headache plus badan panas-sejuk-panas.

Banyak nak blogging,but since my head is sttill not stable,I'll do it later then.

Oh ya,dengan WorldCup 2010 is coming,I'm so sure that masa tu,all the girls will go googoo-gahgah over their favourite footballer.
So before the world cup even started,Mint nak cakap yang Mint dah lama googoo-gahgah over Fernando Torres,yang hot tu.hahhha.So girls,find someone else.hahha
I'm a supporter of FlyingDutchman and Espana.
And more to come.

Kaylah.need to baring,heaadache.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this is the 390th post!

Dah lebih kurang 4 hari Mint balik rumah,hari ni paling awal Mint bangun.Pukul 8!!!Bangga tak??
Sila bangga.

So bangun awal,watched tv!hahaha.Dah tu nak buat apa lagi....

So,at 2 masa I nak pray Zohor,tiba-tiba Danial muncul.

D:Long,Danial nak pergi sunway,nak ikut.

So,lepas solat,siap2 and trus jump into the car.and o Sunway I go.
Sampai-sampai sunway i blur...i terus called my friend.

"I'm in Sunway sekarang!!!and taktau nak buat apa.Gila loser.Dah lah fashion disaster!!!Seluar coklat,headband pink.Dengan tak bwk handbag,argh!!!nak buat apa ni...kaylah2..i cuci mata"

Gila loser!Takde kawan apa.

Then at 4pm,I ikut Danial pergi pick mateen up.Balik rumah.Loser gila rasa jalan in Sunway for 2 hours alone!!!hahahha...

Then at night,Mama fetch us from home and went to Sunway again to had dinner.We had Japanese food.
I ate Natto for the first time.and it was a BLEARGH!!!!...I will never eat it again.Totally NA-Ah...

Oh ya,Met my old-skul mate.Julia.hehehe///glad she still remember me.


I feel blessed.

I did it.


I'm overjoyed!eventhough its the lowest to some,its the highest for me.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Cuti sem.
Masuk UMP balik bulan July kalau tak silap.
So sekarang duduk rumah and still kena siapkan my FYP.hahha.tapi tak gerak pun my FYP nie.haish.
Tomorrow,seriously,I will do it!!!no more procrastinating.

Ok.Bosan jugak cuti sebenarnya.
Last week I spend my holiday dekat UMP,doing nothing and just hangout.haha.

Now dekat rumah.Bangun pagi,(pagi lah sangat,12noon).
Rumah kosong,yang tinggal danial jer.
Ma and Ba kerja,Danish and Mateen sekolah.
So,Its just me and the TV.
I'm so lazy to go online biasanya.hahaha.
Tapi kalau pukul 3pagi i semangat to go browse the net.

Gotta d something useful this holiday.Think...think...
Ya..FYP...i'll do it bit by bit.
Shopping???!!!,mama tak bagi allowance lagi.

Kaylah.enough ranting.

p/s:Oh ya,3 weeks till the trip to  east coast.huhu

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We are just friend,not more than that.


What do you think it means?
Ok fine,some of you may go,"Duh!Platonic is..yadayadayada..."

Honestly,I don't know what it means.

The first time I heard this word,is while watching an interview of a famous singer.

A:So,what is your relationship with Miss B
J: I admit that we are very close.We talk to each other about everything and anything.We are just friends.
A;Just friend?Not more than that?
J:We're platonic friends.

I always imagined that platonic is a name of a plant.Or maybe one of the stars in the universe.A very beauiful star.
So,I just assumed that platonic friends means bestfriend.

Today I spend the whole afternoon searching information for my FYP.So,I was in Google the whole time.And while doing my works,AHA!!!
Lets search for "Platonic Friend".

And yay!
Now I know what it means.

Its a very close relationship between a girl and a boy,they are very deep and close but it remain just as friend.Non-sexual friendship.(ClickHereForMore)

Cool right?
Ok,I don't know how to explain why I find it cool.But still,I think people who have platonic friend are cool.

 Yo muh man!

I bet that its a new words,since it is in UrbanDictionary.
Is it?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Mothers Day

Today is mothers day people.
I've called my mama.The whole family is in Ikea.Argh!I want to join them.Meatballs!!!

Mint:Happy Mothers day!
Ma: Thanx.Mothers day,tapi mama punya duit yang habis.
Mint:Ngeeee...mama celebrate kat Ikea?
Ma:hahha..orang ramai,celebrate sama-sama,...tengok2 lilin...

I didn't go online since morning.I was busy packing my stuff and move it to my new place.
So,I went online at 3pm just now,and I read that an earthquake just hit Indonesia.More of it,click here.
Some people say there is a possibility of tsunami.Hope that is not true and so it won't effect my holiday plane for June.

Kaylah,since everyone post picture of their mom.I wanna be in the click.hehehhe..

the one wearing hijab is my Mama Intan(aunty).And my Mama is the other one.My only Mamas in the world!!!!!!!

Gotta go sms Mama Intan now.  Bye!!

p/s:Currently singing and listening to "A Song For Mama by Boyz 2 Men".....Its a song for the day!!!!!!!

I've send an sms to Mama Intan.And her reply is so sweet..I was so touched.

Mama Intan,Happy mothers Day.

Mama Intan:
Tq for your remembrance.My one and only niece.

Sweet right???auuwww..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its a farewell entry.

i know i can't have you
But you're always in my head
Even though i can't touch you
It's just wishful thinking
I can't say it,
You know I do
(I love you)
even though you don't know who i am

Oh baby don't you know,
You don't know my name
I couldn't sleep, because I was thinking of you

Today would be the first time we met.
You say that to everybody you meet.
I always talk to you with your back facing me.
Even the familiar 'hi' seems so awkward today..
If we blocked everybody's ears,
I'm hoping you would listen to only
What i had to say;
Seeing you walk away makes me go into a trance state, shake me from it.
From far away you have become a dot.
Where can i see you?
tell me

Why aren't you smiling today
I hope nothing's wrong
I can't face to look at your worried face
I wish I could take your pain away.
But I can't.
And that saddens me.
Just today, - if i ask you how you are doing..
Would you answer me? - hug me?
I can't reach you, touch you, or hold you
I'm going to meet you in my dreams again tonight

You are My star,
I'm your no.1 fan
Baby please take my hand

Even if you don't know who I am

*Dedicated to Sean.ahakz.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hate it but got to do it.

The semester has ended.And it is the part I hate the most.Packing things!

Packing is one thing.Then I have to carry the boxes to the store.Argh!
At time like this,I wish I have a superhero as my boyfriend.Then he can help me to carry everything.
If superhero is too much to ask for,then a man who will be my hero is enough.hhhahaha.
Whatever it is,in the end of the day,it will be ME alone who carry all the boxes.

What did i put in the boxes???Books!!!

Oh ya,and all the papers that I've used while doing my revision.Takkan nak buang.haish.

Okok...gotta go continue thinking on how to pack and make the boxes slightly lighter so that I'll be able to carry it all the way.
Thinking  ok,not packing.hahhaha.

~~I'm gonna be ok,I'll be ok!Baby without you~~

Oh ya,No more saYang whatsoever.Fan-to-friend pun dah hilang.Null.