Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Malaysia Is where i called home

gambar masa kat tengah jalan di survey camp!.Random pic!

hahaha...title takde kena mengena dengan entry.Gambar pun takde kena mengena.

Sangat lah panas di Malaysia ini,semalam and hari ini.
And my favourite word for this 2 days is,"Panasnya Malaysia".
Memang tak tipu,panas sangat sampai my face ada all this little tiny bump mcm rashes.Rashes ke??

Hari ni Rabu,dan kelas tamat pukul 1pm.So yeah !Free!Plus cricket at 4 cancel dan ditangguh ke hari ahad pukul 8 pagi.
Hari Ahad ni,pukul 8 pagi aku masih lagi dengan bahagianya tidur di atas katil dlm bilikku di RAHplaza Kg Bharu.
HAhahhaha..too bad...I dah beli tiket awl2.So sorry cricket.

Back to the story.SGT PANAS!!!Bukan main-main tau,memang sangat panas sampai my hair scalp is sweating all the time.And nak tak nak I kena cuci my rambut everyday.
Sorry hair.

Takpelah.kan orang cakap.Tuhan kadang-kadang bagi balasan dosa kecil kat dunia,so mungkin sekarang tuhan tengah bagi feel what its like to be in hell.
Hahahh...and I'm so sure neraka is WAY hotter than this.

Note to myself: Bertaubat lah..

Sekarang ni,ramai kawan-kawan ku dah mula menjadi blogger. Cool!
And today I found 2 friends of mine yang ada blog...
Si Anna and si Soella.
(not their real name)..

p/s:lagi 2 hari nak jumpa famili!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday wanted to stay awake till subuh, but 520am.Suddenly my body battery shut down!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

rm100 a day!

The truth: Minggu ni je dah spent about rm200!!like fak!!!
Habis lah duit I
And today outing i spend rm100!!!!mcm gila,padahal beli apa je pun smpai rm100.

Oh and remember my vow yg i taknak balik smpai cuti sem??
well smlm i realize dat cuti sem is 3 weeks away.
3weeks!!!!masih sgt jauh lgi ok.
So tadi went out and beli tiketuntuk balik dis cominbg friday.
So ppl.dis coming friday I'm going back to KL...
Miss my family so much dah,even nak pergi klas pun I sms mama bg tau dia yg i nak pegi klas.

Welcome to my friend yg baru berjinak2 dalm dunia blogging ni..


Pergilah baca blog minah ni,dia ni baru ditinggalkan, so for sure idea untuk menulis puisi melimpah2.
And dia pun mcm I, sgt meminati FynnJamal.
FynnJamal adalah dewi puisi kami!
And malam semalam and mlm td which is sekarang dah pagi,me and farah tgh mengkaji puisi fynn jamal...Gila kah???

ntah lah.kami bahagia dengan perbincangan kami.dah minat.memang sampai ke subuh pun boleh
Oh bercakap tentang subuh.Mcm dah one week lebih i tak perform my subuh.Aduh.
I tak terjaga ok.Even dh set alarm pun.
Everytime I nak bangun tdo,sure terngiang2 any song.
Maybe the satan has changed the Azan and turn it intoa song to my ear.
Ada hari tu terngiang lagu Buronan Cinta-The Lima
Second day lgu Tanpa-sixth sense
And ada aritu lagu 11januari-gigi.

tahlah.satan dalam my body dh kuat sgt or I am so lemah di waktu subuh.
So pg nie, mcm taknak tdo and I want to perform my Subuh.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Today went to lecture as usual, but today my social with my new classmate went up another level.:)

Well, life went on as usual. Not until the night comes.

I had an early dinner, so I only went down at 930pm to accompany my friend to pay her bus ticket.

Then hang around for awhile, went to the ATM, walk around…

Then at 10ish we want to go back to our room..

Rara: Mint,jom lepak-lepak lah.Bosan lah naik bilik

Me:Btullah.naik bilik pun nak buat apa.

So,we as in Rara,Yaya and me, go lepakking in front of the hostel.We sat there for like 20 minutes.


Then we feel like going up to our room…

While walking up the stairs..

Rara:Mint,tak lapar ke?

Me:Lapar jugak lah.

Rara: Jom pergi kafe nak tak.

So we turun the tangga and went to the café. But nothing was there.Its 11pm,for sure all the stall are closing.

So we walk straight to this one place in UMP called the “Payung Putih”.

So we sat under the Payung Putih.

While wasting our time there suddenly Rara gave me the look.

(The look signal me that something is behind me)

And within second, my “permandangan terindah” is walking towards this Prepaid machine.


He is so cute ok.

Rara:OK dah kenyang lah

Me: Yup,I pun dh kenyang. Dah jom naik.


Now Rara’s and my shoutout at skype is about how kenyang we are!

My s/out: We’re so “kenyang” tonite!!rite fara??

Rara’s s/out: Btol la mint!!!really kenyang,!!macam bleh wat stock 3 hari..kacau lah jiwe….

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


to mood
to blog.....lazy to type.
to gossip...anytime!!!

I wanna layback and gossip with girlfriends!!!I'm so lazy!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm fat!!

Well, I haven't been jogging for the several past days,and today.....I CAN'T FIT INTO MY HIPSTER!!

Fuck lah wei, how to fit into Forever21 in 1 year time.
At first so semangat,now mcm the semangat berkurang lah.
As I said earlier, I have a goal, but my friend just wanna diet in a sense she just wanna lose some weight.Wargh....

Yesterday and today.There are no homework,just had to do same lab report.And I spend the whole weekend doing it. Why??
Because I'm so damn blur,and I have no guidance doing it, Do it all by myself. Well my group mates do help me, but just like 20% of it..ahhahah...crapping like hell because I still have to finish one more report! Damn fuck lah.tired oledi.

Drama Melayu

Tadi lepas lunch, makan ice-cream ANW...well,ada booth a&w in UMP,tak tau lah sempena apa,But who cares kan?
So Yana and I bought a cone of ice-cream. At first the guy who hold our ice-cream cones is hygienic and everything. He was wearing glove on the hand he is holding our cones.
Then, he took one of the cones, and holds it with his barred hand! I buat-buat tak nampak,anyway there is a tissue wrap around the cones.
He hand-in the ice-cream that he hold with the glove to Yana, and I got the ones that he hold with his barred hands!!!
WARGH!!!memula tu macam tak nak ambik jer,tapi...dah ada tissue kan..(And his kuku was so UNclean ok!!) This food premises, should check their workers cleanliness more often. McDonalds sometimes disgust me too. Usually when I ordered their ice-cream cone, the workers will accidentally hold the ice-cream cone and their skin touched the cones. Do not they realize what is the purpose of that piece of paper wrap around the ice-cream cone? That is where they should hold the cone.
Just now Danish called me.
D:Long,ada secret nie?
A: Apa?
D: tadi lepas balik main dgn mateen,masuk2 rumah, abg terus masuk bilik and hempas pintu
D: Taktau lah,Danish masuk bilik along,pastu dengar mama cakap,”tulah kawan lagi dengan budak melayu”,pastu baba pun cakap, abang dah jadi kurang ajar sebab kawan dengan budak melayu.
A: Oh,..skrng?
D:Sekarang abang tidur.Itulah cerita paling hot dalam family kita.
No comment.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shy Shy Cat....

Went out again…but it’s a long story..

We’ve planned this outing like few days earlier, but suddenly the plan have to be changed because one of our friend went back to his hometown.

So after class today, my friends and I, try to figure out how are we suppose to borrow a free car from anyone we knew.

We do not know many people that own car.

However, they are two of our lecture mate who does own a car.

I gathered all my semangat….put aside my shyness..and I called him!!!

OMG!!!! I never did anything like that before okay, but we are so desperate. We want to go out, but we do not want to rent a car…AHHHAHHA…and as for another guy, my friend go and sms him using my name….I was DOUBLE malu!! But then, sacrifice a little for my friend doesn’t harm much anyway…hahahaha….

After trying so hard, at 3pm we are still in our room…and everyone is busy, and we did not get any free car.

So all of us sleep like hell till 4 o’clock.

After dinner, one of my friends received an sms from a boy who is willing to drive us to town.!! Yeay us!!!!

We reached town like 9 sumthing, so we shop in such a rush. There is still lots of merapu thing I want to buy actually ..hahaha….Maybe I just got to wait till I meet my bff to waste my money on shopping!!!!...

p/s: Today tak jogging pun….camner nak capai target 21 ni??haish…no one is so semangat as me. Maybe because their goal are not so desperate like mine…AHhahahaha….I so want to fit into forever 21 clothes ok!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Permandangan Terindah

Well,since yesterday evening,24 hours after that, I saw the boy!teehee...

Today my friends and I we walked to the Night Market.Its a 15 mins walk actually,but since my friend is a slow walker,so the walk took us about 30 mins!!!

Walking to the night market are one of the activity that can be counted as my daily exercise.

My goal:I want to be able to fit into Forever21 clothes!!!! by the age of 21...(logic tak??)

Today, I had discussion with my fellow group members.Well most of my group members are new people to me.So as usual,I talk less.

Being Azmeen, I am very shy kind of person. And i can be kind of bored to have a chat with....(my most honest pengakuan)..
I don't know how to start a conversation and I am kind of blur at times.
Sometimes I become jealous towards my friends who can talk and socialize with new people as easy as A B C.

To me,if the conversation involves a guy and a girl, The guy should do the conversation thingy. HELLO!!! A gentleman should know how to handle a conversation and a lady like me is very SHY!!!

p/s:Jumain..hehehe...yup2 my permandangan terindah is a junior!..hehehe..shhhh...
Fit...thanx for dropping by!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Harlow world,

First week memang takde permandangan terindah kat UMP nie.
Permandangan terindah as in, someone to look at, good looking!mwahhahaha...

But not until 14/7/08.
My friends and I are having lunch. Since we just had our lab so all of us are wearing our faculty jacket. By looking at the jacket,obviously everyone knew that we are from the Civil Faculty.
When we are just started to eat,suddenly came a boy.
I can't recall the exact conersation, but he was asking if we wanted to sell our Mechanis textbook to him.
At first he was alone, but then suddenly his friend appear from behind.
*drool**drool*...(hot nyer mamat nie!)

Us:Sorry lah,kitaorng nak guna lagi buku tu nanti.Better korang beli jer,memang berguna arr buku tu

And that boy went away.And after the are gone...

Mint: Alah.patutnya kita negotiate lgi
Tan: Btullah,bg dorng pinjam kejap...hehehe
Mint: Mmmm...nnti leh jumpa selalu...

(I can't recall the exact conversation..hehehe)

....That Monday evening, I saw his friend that canbe counted as "permandangan terindah".
Tuesday morning,saw him again...
During dinner on tuesdat...saw him again...
And today!!...I saw him like 3 times!!...

Mint: I rasa kan memang my jodoh lah, Dah jumpa byk kali,asyik muka dia jer...
Yaya: Ok...kita tengok,kalu petang karang masa mkn jumpa lagi,makna nya memang your jodoh.

.....................................Today I went to dinner as usual....630pm-730pm..................................
.................................................looklook.....look around..........................................................
usually at this time he is also having his dinner.............................................


Argh...memang nasib jer yang everytime i jumpa dia tu.
Well I never take this matter seriously. It was just something that we did for fun.Talking crap and nonsense is our professional!ehehehe....

But again, I'm kind of sedey jugaklah,usually he was there,but out off all day!!!today he wasn't there!!..
Memang dah di takdirkan,hahaha

Everything is fated the way it is!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today went out with my girlfriends!

Us as in me, rara, dada, and linlin…

We had fun even though we have to face many obstacles!


We’re supposed to meet each other at 8.30am because usually the bus that is bringing us to town will arrive at 8.45am something. But me, being me, I awake at 830am sharp!...and I rush my self like hell…I ask them to wait for me at the bus stop and I’ll walk from my room to the bus stop my self.


I arrived at the bus stop at 840am..And THANK GOD the bus hasn’t arrived.

We wait and wait…and the next time I look at my watch, it is already 9something.

Where the hell is the bus…as we wait for the bus, more students come to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

We lost our patient waiting so long for the bus! And we tried to reach all of our friends who own a car. We were thinking of borrowing their car or ask them to send us to Kuantan. But hell no! Our first friend is at home, so no car. And the second one, his car has been borrowed by someone else. Argh!!!

So we wait and wait for the bus to arrive.

The bus arrived at 930something!!!Pergh!!

(Usually we will rent a car to go to town, but this time we are trying on saving up some money by going by bus.)


I don’t remember what is it…..mwahahahaha

We went to watch WANTED!

I give it 4.6 out of 5.

Nothing is perfect aite??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

old post!!!

the actual date>>>7 july 2008

Haih!!These posts have been typed out earlier because the connection sucks!

No internet and I did not have anything else to do. At least when there’s internet I can browse the net and do whatever…

I talk crap because I AM BORED!!!

Well, registered myself as a student yesterday.

And today went to class with my new vision and mission. ceh…hehehe damn bored owhkay!

This weekend is Cheer08, well Danial asked me to go come along. The main reason he want me to come along is because, Danish is going to meet his old kindergarten girlfriend!!! Imagine that, now Danish is fourteen. They haven’t meet for like 8 years. Amazing!!


today the internet is like so gila...kejap ok- kejap tak ok!!!and when there is no internet....I GOT NOTHING TO DO!

oh ya...class started well...and banyak projek yang telah di "university" like...hahahhaha

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lion King!!!

Hari ini Mama tiba-tiba sakit.So takda orng nak drive me to the hairdresser tuk buat rebonding.
And esok pulak hairdresser tutup.
So, I only going to buat rebonding bila the next cuti comes!

Kena lah bersabar dgn rambut ini.Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Barang-barang semua belum kemas lagi,baru letak baju yang nak dibawa ke tepi dan dilonggok kan....sangat malas nak mula kemas...

Argh..tak mau kemas!!!tak mau balik...SAY TAK NAK!!

My hair now.............................................

exactly looks like Lion owhkay!!!!wargh.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cornetto Love Sparks

Pada hari Sabtu (28/june/2008),pergi ke konsert Cornetto Dafi dan Gita.

Artis yang perform malam tu...
  • Dafi
  • Gita Gutawa
  • Mila
  • Mawi
  • Stacy
Oh yeah!!!and Awal adalah the host/pengacar for the night..

Puas gila dapat tgk Gita and dafi perform,well i recorded some of the performance!!!

And now i tgh minat gila dgn gita Gutawa.
Lagu best!Comel!Adorable!......
And sekarang juga saya tengah menggila download lagu Gita Gutawa!!!!

Oh ya,I got a new hairstyle,and tomorrow going back to the hairdresser to do rebonding..
And i think I won't be meeting my friends because I think I'm gonna be super busy preparing to go back to UMP...fuck it lah..I really wanna meet all of them.
Some of them have to register earlier than me.And I'm meeting Ain on friday coz she only free on that day.Hope get to meet her!!!InsyaAllah.

Sorry lah,I think tak sempat nak jumpa you.All our friends yang lain busy.Anyhow,I'll keep on trying to fix a date to meet ya before you balik Aussie.InsyaALlah..