Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alive part 1

Hello!..The most latest update.On Friday I went to KLCC to watch ukiss and demi performed.well here some pics for BaiSingh.nyehehehehe.

Note to Baisingh:Wa segan nak letak kat fb sebab nanti my friend tau I'm so lyke dat,.hahahahha

mwahahahha..please be jealous bai.tapi apa lah sangat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan kehidupan all of my friends yang dah ni tetap enjoy je kerja.haish! *point to self*
Special teaser for part 2::::
Character teatime!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello world!
Mint is doing fine.
But her studies are not so fine.She is so caught up with the entertinment world,up to the point she ignore her research.Concert lah,party lah.award lah.
Lets just wish her all the best.
InsyaAllah,she will be graduating from her master this semester.