Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I studied my construction like hell!
I re-read the questions that the lecturer gives like many times!
But hell yeah!none of it came out.
Damn frustrated.I was so confident entering the examination room.
In the end, I put on my Logic hat on.Answered all the questions based on what I think its logic.

Is it fate?or I need to trust no one when it comes to exam,and study everything??

There are 2 groups of lecture. Group A and B.
I'm in group A.My lecturer MrA,teaches us well.He gave assignment,test,quizzes and spot question.
Group B,lecturer MrB.Even his students doesn't know what he teache (because he does not teach) and they don't have to do assignment,quizzes,tests.And they have the answers of today final exam way before they enter the room!...so??Obviously they are able to answer all the question just now!...FCUK!

Everyone in Group A are complaining. Hello!!!Its final ok,and you guys have all the answer so fuck off.They don't even share it with us.TAMAK!nak berjaya sorang2!..

But I think positively.FUH!..

One down.Three to go.

I did not even open my survey book today because the mood to study are not there.Bet that I'm so frustrated with constructions paper.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Battle is on!

Tomorrow,Monday, 28th of April, 1430hrs,I will be seating for my first Final paper,engineering construction.

Wish me luck!and pray for my success.

Can't wait to seat for exams=Exams finish=HOME!!!

Other battle:

Engineering Surveying_30th April_0900hrs
Mechanics of Materials_5th of May_0900hrs
Mathematic Engineering_6th of May_0900hrs

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Angelina Jolie!

Last weekend went to the Orang Asli village,kg temetung..

The moment I'm surrounded by the children on Saturday morning,I felt like Angelina Jolie.Except that Angie did her charity work in Tanzania,while me and my friends in Pahang.
Well,I never did my job as a committee member.Like usual "malay"....they are all with their clique,so me with my friends!And we enjoy very much eventhough..

(Meeting Saturday Nite)
M:I nak comment something,to some girls,please don't just sit back and relax,do help with the people who is cooking....yadayadayada...nagnagnag
Me and my friends:*Innocent face*.."is she saying it to us?"

WHATEVER!We did some work you know!!,while all of you are cooking,(well only 4 or 5 ppl cooks while the other are chit-chat plus flirting!!),me and my friend was cleaning the surau,and we even lap the tingkap you MOFO!!

Well the kids,they are WILD!Maybe its because the way that they are brought up.Majority of them,don't even wear slippers! (It was extra hot in the jungle+ the tar road)
Can't say much...A picture speak a thousand words!

early saturday morning....

we did some charity work

PROOF!we were cleaning the surau while everyone busy cooking and not forgetting some who is flirting!

Where "they" cook,and the boys sleep in the tent,while we girls sleep in the surau.

At noon,we give the children food to eat.I'm proud of my photos!

The girls eating...they really enjoyed having us visiting them.

In the evening we had Group activity,and look what I've found (top picture)...Tina Tuner!!!!

At night...lalalalalala

Sunday morning!"yeay today going back!!"

We had some activity in the morning..."sukaneka"hehehehe..

Some random guys...

Sunday noon,closing ceremony.
This is the Mr.ProjectManager!...

My so called,"Angelina Jolie moment"..hhahaha..

This is where,we did our business..euwwww!!!How did Angie go through this??

Ok...thats it.Some random pics that i wanna share.
My "pencuci mata" while I was there.....(hint:His picture appeared more than once !)
Mwahhahaa...well,it will be bored looking at those who is flirting with each other all the time,looking at the anak orng asli all the time will also make me go nuts,so I search for my own Satisfaction!!!!!.....ehehhehehe

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celica Toyota!!

"Mama,i dah smpai UMP"
"So jadi balik tak"
"Tak.all my friedns penat,no one to send me to town.NAK BALIK!"
"Ntah.Tak Jadi lah kut"

Fuck.I desperately nak balik.Nak pergi hantar baba esok and I wanna spend my study week at home!!

How I wish,I got a driving license now.Fuck,so gotta go and take the license.
If ada license,I'm so gonna have my toyota celica.So,senang lah kalau nak balik.tak payah nak harap on other people.

"I will buy you Toyota Celica,if you go and do your driving license",Baba once said that.

Wargh!!!!Nak hantar baba esok!!!!!

"So you balik tomorrow morning?"
"Nope,tak kut"
"Mm...ok.Tomorrow baba nak pergi dah tau"
"Erm...adik2 ada?(nak cover up my real intention of calling)"
"Dorang kat umah,nnti baba suruh dorang call"
"So tak balik nak study lah nie"
"Ya...(taknak!!!nak ikut!!)"
"Ok..tomorrow I'll call you before I pergi"

How i wish::
1)I have my driving license and the car
2)I have a driver to pick me up ANYTIME!!!

Just get back from Bakti Siswa,how I felt like Angelina Jolie,being surrounded by those orang asli kids.Took MANY pics!..


Friday, April 18, 2008

How come??

Starvation Diet is actually hard to follow.Because when you go on starvation,you eat nothing,your metabolism rate will slow down and it will store more fats!!
So to overcome this,you have to Change Nutritional Compositions.(more info on Starvation Diet)

And then...suddenly i found THE COOKIE DIET PLAN!!...eat cookie you will lose weight,eat MORE cookie,you will lose more weight!..So next time I went out,I'm so gonna buy Famous Amos cookies for my Cooki Diet Plan!!!!the most coolest diet plan ever!!!!

Goodbye UMP!

Its study week next week.I'm not saying goodbye because I'm going back to KL,but somewhere else.

Tomorrow at 5pm,I will be leaving UMP to Ks Sg Tembeling,Jerantut,Pahang for Program Bakti Siswa under PERKASA.

This programme will be held in Orang Asli village.I will be back on Sunday. So for the weekend I'm going to experience the life in Orang Asli village.

I am one of the committee member for this programme.I'm under the activity committee.
All this while, the head of the committee did not give me any orders or whatsoever.So all this while, I just went to the meeting,smile,listen to people giving and taking orders and nod my head..

And just now,for the last meeting,all the committee member gathered for the last time.

Head:MM...i think i need to select a person for activity,because one of their members
quit so there is only left 1 person.
me:(hello,i'm under activity,so there is another 2 person left!)
Head:Eh wait a minute,aren't u (pointing to me) under activity??
Comittee:Lah...now only i know that we're in the same committee...
Me:(blur face)
Head:Okok...now you will be under the food committee..

No wonder all this while, he didn't give me any works to do.AHHAHA>..how invisible I am.

And just now we also got the programme t-shirt.And it was size L!!!HUMILATION!!!!I use XL size...
After reaching my room, i straight put on the shirt and thank GOD its ok!...

Another dilemma:
Baba is flying to INA on Monday evening.I want to sent baba off.....
So,I've planned of going back to KL on Sunday evening,after the programme. And come back to UMP on Wed or Thurs.Study at home!...I miss home!!!!
But,i come to think of it again.I'll waste lots of time doing nothing if i go back.And sending baba off is nothing anyway.(BUT I WANT!!!)..Futhermore,my lecturer will be having a revision class on Tuesday morning..So.its a big NO NO! for me to go back.

Mama,Baba,Danial,Danish,Mateen...I miss you all!!!!I will be back in less than one month!!!Miss my siblings so much!Miss gossiping with them,chitchat about stupid things,doing all the lousy things,recap the past memory...and going out with them!

Oh,yesterday I bought nail colour.Black.
And today I walk with my black nail!hehehehe...but tomorrow i have to remove it becoz I'm going away to Orang Asli village.If something bad happen on the way there or what...I don't want to die with my nail color on.In Islam, if someone died with her nail color on,people will have to take off the nail from the finger!!!!I dont wanna feel the pain!!..

So GOODBYE!!!be back on Sunday!then come the EXAM!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hari ini dalam sejarah......(15 April 2008)

*14 April 2008 -Bertolak dari KL pukul 330pm dan tiba di Kuantan 7PM.Sebaik tiba di UMP baca memo dan ada memo bertajuk "
PERKASA : JEMPUTAN KE MAJLIS WACANA MENEROKA ANGKASA MINDA BERSAMA ANGKASAWAN NEGARA"..Mint terus jadi over excited!!!.Lepas tu terfikir,event start pukul 9am tapi Mint ada class from 8 to 10.And then at 12 ada class and the event end at 1..Whatever..yg penting mint dpt jumpa our angkasawan

Bangun pagi macam biasa,pergi English class and ada presentation.Masa dalam kelas asyik tengok jam sebab event tu start pukul 9am.Duduk dalam kelas pun tak tenang.And masa kelas dah habis at 10am.Tanpa membuang masa, mint and the others menuju ke Block W, di mana acara akan berlangsung.Dalam hati,"mesti event dah start,kena masuk pintu belakang or tak dpt masuk langsung".
Tengok keadaan luar DKU macam tgh sibuk-sibuk prepare,macam belum sampai jer.Tanya ajk yang handle...

mint:Dr dah sampai??
ajk:Blum,masuk DKU1 atau DKU 2
mint:Dr akan duduk kat mana?
ajk:DKU 1,tapi kat DKU 2 ada screen besar.
mint:DKU 1 ada tempat kosong lagi tak?
ajk:Try masuk and tengok,kalau takde pegi DKU 2

(tak ingat the actual place..its either DKU1 or DKU2)

Thank God, the event got delayed!!So, mint and all my classmate masuk DKU1.Hampir semua seats dah occupied,kalau ada pun 1 seat at every end. All my classmate walk to the back of the DKU except for me and Aimin.We decided to seat at the empty seat at the end of the row. And we share one seat for the whole event.

sharing one seat from 10ish am-1ish pm

I took out my camera with excitement,my camera and Aimin did all the shoot.At first all the shoot are blurred.because the of the lens..
10ish am.....

"Mengumumkan ketibaan..blabla..."

*wah....................the angkasawan yang selama ni mint tgk on tv and papers!!!he is in front of me!!!*

I'm so excited!!!!!

(blur because of my camera lens )

Aimin recorded all his speeches, except for last2 part because we scared that we might run out of battery and memory for the autograph session.All the speeches are for our (me and aimin) pembakar semangat!!!And we're going to show it to our familia!

He is the most positive talker i ever met. His positive thinking level is so high..And NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..

When the event almost ende, everyone busy taking pictures of him inside of the DKU,but me and aimin, we get out of the DKU and go to buy his late brother book.

Reaching For The Stars by the late Sheikh Mustapha Shukor Al-Masrie.

And here comes the autograph session!!!!i loike!!

I beratur punya lah lama, and then tetiba one whole bunch of idiotic seniors and cut the line!!!Lucky I'm so positive thinking at that time so I'm so pissed off.

proud us!and i'm extra proud of the 3boys enthusiasm

I think the Dr have a tight schedule because he only managed to signed the book and thats it.
There goes my dreams of wanting him to write..
"To Aida,(sign)"...

And we are not allowed to take photos with him,however he tried his best to entertain us.

Oh ya!!!while he was signing,me and my friends, we tried our best to take photos of ourself with him at the back!!!Even he was not looking at the camera pun takpa,as long as it is him.

When i was taking my friends photos,then he asked me..
"Dapat?"...and i answered with my EXTRA polite voice + my most sincere smile.."Dapat..".....wargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then while he was signing my book,I turn to face my friend with the DR at my back, and quickly took a picture of me and him as the background. Then i turn and I'm stuck in front of him, i don't wanna move. He gave me back my book and he talk to me again!!!

i look so extra chubby+proud=(mcm retarded je)
the DR looks FINE!!!

Dr:Tahun berapa?
Me:First year...(with my most polite and sincere voice+ the smile!!!)

OMG!!I lupa nak hulurkan my tangan and salam with him.Takpa,tunggu sampai dia balik.
While tunggu for him to entertain everyone, me sitting at the side and enjoying the view of the DR live in front of me!..and my friend Aimin, with my camera, can't get enough of him.She keep taking photos of the doctor...hehehehe.Aimin can't get enough!..

My penantian tidak merugikan.Bila dia dah bangun nak bergerak ke kereta, some students take this chances and stand beside him to take picture with him.Aimin wanted to,but I told her,,"alah nanti next time jumpa ambiklah"..hehehehe...pity aimin.
Me being his fan,I menghulurkan my tangan to have a handshake with the ANGKASAWAN!!!yeah!!
And we are not allowed to take photos with him,however he tried his best to entertain us.

I followed the crowd,sending him to his car.
Bila kereta tu dah bergerak, Dr melambaikan tangan dari dalam, and me with full of SEMANGAT I melambai from the outside.I feel as if he is waving to me...hehehe

Mint:I think he was waving to me
Min:eh i feel the same too
Mint:Alah..everyone feels like that
min:hehehehehe..true true

*min is my friend!not my innerself..hahahaha

While attending this historical events of my life,i skipped construction class.And the lecturer said that if our attendance are not 100%, we are not allowed to seat for finals which is one week from now.

Mint:Encik kena buat surat ke?
Lecturer:Aida,awk pergi tengok Dr Sheikh ye semalam?
Mint:*smile innocently*
Lecturer:Saya taknak terima alasan tu,pandai2 lah awk buat surat.
Mint:OK..(hish encik nie langsung tak bersemangat patriotiklah.I skipped class to jumpa
Angkasawan negara..)

Sampai sekarang surat tak siap2 lagi.hehehe
I can't think of a reason.Anyway, that is my first time not attending his class.Plus, I didn't attend his class because of something priceless!!!hehehehe.

p/s:HE is so HUMBLE+DOWN TO EARTH...(isn't it the same??)hehehe

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Away ....focus on studies.

*life update:
-Finals in 2 weeks time!
-My "kerja kayu" is a piece of bloody rubbish.not completed yet.My group even attract the Dean of the faculty.He even lecture us and teach us personally.Kudos to my group.
-MOODSWINGS!(hate it very much,makes me feel as if I have mental disorder.)
-Study??well i try my best to study very hard for the extemely difficult subjects!
-Finally:I hate "kerja kayu"..
-Oh ya.remember the basketball thingy?,,i realized my limit,I wasn't born to be a player,so I'm no longer have to do with the game.I think I'll just stick to bowling and swimming as my sport!hehehe

won't be blogging till i feel like doing it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Now 0109hours and I've just finished my construction assignment.
Tomorrow as in today! will be a very busy day for me. Class from 0800 untill 1200hrs,then at 1400 going to the lab to finish my group wood project. My group is so slow!!damn slow...like other group is 97% done while mine is just 30% done.

Oh ya,then at 2000hr have to seat for my Math test2. I did not revised anything yet as I am super lazy+ i hate math.
Arghhh!!!...everytime while doing math ,I'll be thinking of quit learning.Math is so hard.Kudos to all the math genius around the world. (But don't turn out to be a hooker..hehehe)
Another thing, I registered myself as my U basketball player.Believe it or not????The short+unactive+extra size me playing basketball??????????mwahhahahaha...can't believe it myself either...
So there is going to be a practice tomorrow at 1730..

My life goal>>
  • if I'm not taken by anyone by the age of 28, I want to travel around Asia!
  • by 35 and still not taken,travel around Europe!
  • By the age of 40,finish travel around the world
In order to fulfill my goal of "if-I'm-not-taken"...it needs lots of money,to get the money i need to get a good job,in order to get a good job=good results=study hard!!


Lazy me.

Saya malas mahu study.

Kenapa perlu belajar?

Untuk jadi manusia.