Saturday, December 31, 2011

Toodles 2011 !!!!

Today is the last day of 2011,and its 4:56am now...I just woke up to do some revision.Great right???I deserve a  pat on my back!..hehe...

OK,lets flashback some of the highlights in my life for this year...(It wont be in order as I will just type as i remeber it)

-I did my practical training and yeay! managed to go through it and its done...I had my degree :)
-Start doing my Master in Geotechnique
-I learned a 3rd language and I really enjoyed it :) .... I have reached level 2 of Korean Language..eventhough I am not that fluent,but hey! Now i can read hangul ok.
-I spend too much of my savings on Kpop..(sad but it is something that i can't control)
-My grandfather passed away and then followed by my cousin. Al-fatihah.
-Mama and baba wanted to pair me up with a bilal.SHOCK!( but of course it was just a joke)..and Alhamdulillah,now mama and baba lebih banyak belajar pasal agama.I'm not saying that selama ni dorang tak belajar agama,tapi now their interest have increase.Alhamdulillah...
-I took a loan and bought a car.(Well,now mama is paying lah kan,but nanti bila I have my own income,I'll take over the bayar part)

....what elsse....

-Oh!!!recently,i went to xander's showcase and...HE SHOOK MY HAND!!!!!!! first handshake with an idol is Doodoo...hehehe...I love xander.nuff said :)
-Getting closer with my frenemy "Jacfarrah" ....I call her "bai" as in BaiSingh...HAHHAHHAHAHA..well,most of the kpop event or stuff that i did are related to her.Eventhough we are so close,yet our interest are totally different..That is what so cool about us!..she even dedicated an entry to me.I'm so terharu...(note to Bai: Thanx for layaning me sepanjang tahun 2011.eventhough sometimes I membebel or mencarut or merapu via never complain.hahaha..*i feel geli je typing those words,but I meant it*)
-to my dear Gegadis.This year we dont contact each other much.But I miss all of you!!!
-meet new friends!( ok,this sound so classic)
-I managed to pujuk baba to buy me a new lappie..Its a green vaio!!!
-managed to go through 2011 without a real internet connection...I'm currently using broadband and it have limitation.Real internet to me,is connection without limit.Miss the times when I can watch online videos as much as I want.Now have to control myself.haish.

...what else eh?....owh,my size still the same, doesnt increase nor decrease.

Owh,on Friday went for my last hangul class :( ...and the replacement songsaengnim told us many secrets such as,How Korean Lady get soft skin?...if you marry a Korean guy,what nationality is best for your future kids..How korean drama attack the world...and much more!...(Baisingh,if berminat to know,ask me!!hehehehe)
Ok.Itu je kut.

So let say GOODBYE to great 2011 !!!!!...and lets open a new diary and welcome the year 2012 !!!