Sunday, July 26, 2009

JacqAz day out!


Its been a long time since I blog for real.

Well,yesterday was one hell of a day I tell ya. I went out with Mrs Hyuk.
When you meet up two girls in a shopping mall,what do you get???Window Shopping of course!

Ya,we went window shopping and we did spent some of money but we did it wisely!...
We planned our budget the day before so we tend to stick with the budget.I'm so proud.My total damage was just RM100++..Proud ok!...usually I tend to spend more.

Oh,not much to talk about the day out...

Incident 1:
Mrs Hyuk was craving for Pizza,so I company her and we ate pizza.The service in Pizza hUt was like hell!!!There are only 2 people who is attending the customer and 2 people handling the kitchen.Macam apa jewh!!

Incident 2:
Since its our day out,so we chose to seat in a private corner for two in the restaurant.Girls talk can become overrated so we need privacy.hahaha...

Incident 3:
Saw a group of boys.

"haish,ni fesyen apa pulak ni"
"anak melayu yang dah murtad kaum ar ni"
"hahaha...tapi hensem ar.."
"maybe....******(ideology kami yang perlu dirahsiakan)*

after a few moments,the group walk into Pizza Hut..

"bai,bukan tu bunkface ke?"
"Nak cakap tadi,tapi takut salah orang"
"argh!!...hensem ar....patut macam kenal...."
"rugi nyer On tak On,call On"

Dengan penuh kegedikan Mint call si On.

After telling On about it...

"tetiba macam dah kenyang.."
"Sama lah.ahahaha.."

Its a dessert from God.Ka-ching!

Incident 4:
I went to get some stuff while Mrs Hyuk still can't get enough of the dessert that God send us.ahhaha

Incident 5:
We have our "murtad melayu" moment.hahahaha..It was just for some moment.Now we are back as a normal Melayu.

Oh ya,we went to the sauna for some silent moment.hahahaha...Sauna much??

Ok!...thats all



Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Malaysia sekarang semakin mashyur di peringkat dunia.kan??
Oh ya..

Article dari Utusan

sila lah baca artikel tu.Memang amat membanggakan.Seluruh dunia nak jumpa dia and dia sangat "Wanted" oleh dunia.Rakyat Malaysia tu...dah lah pakar!...

Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brotherly Love

D:Long,esok danial nak keluar beli hadiah Mateen.
A:Buat apa beli hadiah??
D:Birthday dia kan..
A:kena bagi present ke??
D:Dulu kita kecik-kecik ramai orang bagi hadiah.Cuba along fikir,kesian Mateen.Takpernah kita bagi dia hadiah..
A:hah!..a'ah lah...kesian nyer mateen dapat kakak macam ni.hahahaha
D:esok danial pergi beli.nanti kita half-half ok?
A:Hah..ok..beli lah hotwheels punya track
D:tu ar..kereta dia dah ada banyak,track jer yang takda..

Kawan Baik::Adik::Abang


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pulang Ke Pangkal Jalan.

Setelah seminggu berkampung di CH.Akhirnya malam ni Mint akan pulang ke pangkal jalan.
Tonight,for the first time I will be sleeping on my own bed.Hooray or no hooray???

Selama seminggu nie,Mint akan balik bilik just to fresh up and clean up and everything.I eat,sleep and work in CH.

Goodbye CH!!...

Maybe I will be staying overnight in CH every weekend from now on.Yeah...CH is like my activity center.hahahha

Okk...enough about CH....

What is CH?...Its ClubHouse!

P/s::Bai...entry wa macam entry lu kan???Well....kata couple!! JacqAz cou-ple o-e-o.....entry Farah yang lebih kurang macam entry ni.

Cubaan nak tido di bilik sendiri gagal!.hahahhaha...esok malam pun masih samar-samar lagi tidur kat mana ..Memang dah macam orng tak de bilik.
Blok CH and my room dah lah sgt jauh!...memang gila ar...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Its just for symptom relief

DR:So,awak sakit apa?
M:Flu and batuk sikit-sikit...
DR:ok..lemme check you...

*after few check here and there

DR:I'll give you some ubatbatuk and selsema.
DR:But medicine is just for relief of the symptom. You have to drink a lot of water
DR:even dalam surat khabar cakap yang minum air paling penting.Bukan ubat.Like i just said,ubat tu untuk symptom relief jer.
M:ok tak sakit apa pun,sakit biasa lah ni,sebab ramai orang kan.Drink a lot of water then you will be ok.
M;ok...Thank you...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

May You Rest In Peace

A:Nish,tengah buat apa??
D:tengok tv...MJ
A:Oh ya!..mlm ni kan memorial service..
D:hah..kat cnn ada,channel V,8tv..
A:woah! byk
D:Online kat cnn n 8tv ada...trylah..
A:tengok lah..nanti along try..

Mint memang looking forward to it.He was the King Of Pop!and its one in a lifetime event....kalau boleh,i wouldn't wanna miss it ok!!I found the link for the live on the net,,but then......the internet in here are hopeless...I will keep on trying!!!!!

Here's the link!

manage to watch it online!!!!i ave class at 8..takpa2..
And something wrong with the audio.macam lambat for few sec....but nvm,I'm with the people of the world.."The Most Watch Event"

I watch it for about 1 hr then stop because there's lightning and thunder.Haish.....and I woke up this morning,I straight away check the internet to know what have happen.Oh ya...good morning

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You Are Not Alone

I miss Michael Jackson!....for real.
I'm a fan of his and I remember,during the promotion of You Are Not Alone song,I was so a fan of him.
I watched the video of the song for at least 3 times a day,it was just being released so obviously Mtv play it many times in a day.

I was so crazy over this song.I memorize the lyric..(well memorizing lyric is normal) and i even memorize all his movement in the video.Not much??

In the video,MJ skin was very white!!Everytime after bath,I will take a full amount of baby powder and to my face the powder goes.A VERY large amount of baby powder,I make my face turn white just like MJ using the baby powder.

I am a fan of his.

A:Nish,selasa ni memorial MJ,but then tak confirm lagi tanam kat mana
D:Ntah.ntah...dia x meninggal pun,and nanti masa memorial, dia tiba-tiba bangun
A:mmm...Dia kan dah betul-betul takda...tapi mesti orang ramai wish yang dia akan buat macamtu and ini semua for fum
D:tu lah..

Oh ya,eventhough he's no longer in the world,he still get a new fan,and one of them is my baby brother,Mateen.