Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My lecturer gave me assignment 2 weeks ago,and I totally forgot about it.Totally!
And my friend remind me about it 2 days ago and it suppose to be email today.
Yup!,start doing it 3am yesterday and yay! its done :) and I've emailed it already.

*Malay mode*

Danial:Along turun tingkat 6,bawak barang semua,danial tunggu kat parking
Along: Banyak gila barang!!ok2..

Mint rush-rush pack barang ssince my assignment tak siap lagi.

On the way to the lift,dengar pintu jiran sebelah bunyi..ikutkan hati nak je pusing kepala tengok.."But MINT DONT LOOK!!".kata dalam hati.sebab rupa mint sangat tak presentable.Dengan barang yang banyak,Bag laptop 2,sling bag 1,botol air 1 and beg plastik..owh! satu kotak cawan yang sangat besar.
Zalim punya Danial,suruh Mint angkat sorang everything.
Mint jalan laju-laju pergi lift sebab tak nak bagi jiran sebelah nampak.

Bila sampai parking tengok kereta jiran takde.Maknanya, yang bukak pintu tadi adik or abang dia lah.Buat penat je jalan laju.

Masuk kereta,isi barang.I drive.

And time nak keluar parking.I look right.And tadaaa!!!.."eh,jiran!"
Masih lagi hensem,walaupun hanya menggayakan tshirt biasa.

As I'm typing this,tiba-tiba teringat.My image dah rosak dah depan dia.pernah once,I was fighting with my brother dalam lift sebab barang terlalu banyak and tak tau nak angkat mana dulu.As we were fighting,jiran masuk lift.DAMN!,i dengan cool press the floor for him.And all of us naik to our house punya floor, while barang semua tinggal kat parking.hahaha.And while in the lift,my adik siap marah2 lah sebab kelam kabut and everything.Rosak image!

But whatever.
I love my life that my neighbour is so good looking.But the downside of it,its totally one-sided..and two sided it never will be.

hurgh.gila puitis.

Dear jiran.maintain your good looks eh.And tolong lah senyum sikit.owh,but ur plain face pun comel jugak!

Monday, October 8, 2012


The past few days,I read that one of the "gegadis" planning to get into marriage life.Yup,its you Mas.hehe.

Then,just now I get a shocking news from one of my bestie.The boy that I had a crush on few years back,are engaged!
If I had make a lil' step further last time,it could be me wearing the ring.HAAHA.

Mint: Jodoh dorang kuat eh.
friend: It could be you babe!! You realize tak?
Mint: alah,memang dah fated.So now,case close.tutup buku and move on.
Friend:I know,but think again.That is your place.It could be you babe!!

Well,the relationship that I had between the boy are kind of special to me at least.Lucky that rarely talk about it and only 2 of my bestie knows about it.So, I now officially announce that case close.hehe.No more stories about him.Let it be.Mint doakan that you will berbahagia ke anak cucu.amin.

And just now,I read another "gegadis" blog...its you bai..and like seriously,she's on her way to another phase of life,which is the mariage life.

I never see this coming.hahaha.quite a shock I may say.

Anyway..CONGRATS to 3 of you.I'll pray the best and nothing but the best for you guys.

Alhamdulillah.Jodoh dorang dah depan mata,yang Mint ni??hahahha..

Mint:babe,almost all our friend is either dah kahwin or nak kahwin.kan?
friend:yup!this is the perfect time
Mint: You bila lagi??
friend: chillah.he tak habis belajar lagi.And what about you?
Mint: I'm thinking of going to blind date.hahaha.if i'm still single at the age of 27.hahaha
friend: sounds interesting.we'll see.hehe.or tak pun,ask your mum find someone that suits you.
Mint: takpayah lah babe.tunggu je.the time will come.

Oh,tadi I just spent rm600 on entertainment.WOW..FANTASTIC BABY!!ahhahahha.
And i'm going alone.takpelah,mana tau youngbae terpikat with me time tengah terkinja-kinja kat rockpit tu.wmamhahahaha

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Late post!

Tadi tengok Adam dan hawa..and episode ada scene dekat Madinah and Makkah..owh!..Rindunye kat dua tanah suci tu.
its like,the moment you step into the holy city,your heart and mind become total peaceful.And all you want to do is say your doa towards Him and pray.Peaceful punya feeling tu lain macam.
And bila nak balik pulak,the moment keluar from tanah suci Makkah,terus nangis lah apa lagi.Rindunya!

And here comes some pictures!hahaha.i know,dah nak dekat setahun I went.hhahaha.

Yeay,look who is the most excited??

So sinful!!

The only "senonoh" pic of me in Madinah!

And of course,have to be yourself when you r in His house

 baby main guling-guling kat tengah masjid,peaceful habis!

Us!!muka suci di tanah suci :)

Makan tepi kaki lima,sambil pakai jubah and telekung,sangat common.SANGAT!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its me,its me..its DDP

Apa khabar orang kampung?Sudah lama tak berjumpa.Harap harap semuanya,hendaklah sihat sejahtera.LOL!

Hi there!ssup??

Now,I'm in my 3rd semester as a postgraduate student.InsyaAllah,this will be my 2nd last semester.I'll be graduating in a year time.Amin.

The last 2 semester is the most crucial because its dissertation time!!
And,me not being familiar with all the lecturers there,I was so blur on who to choose as my supervisor.After searching for the most "best" lecturer,end up,I got a supervisor who is at the saame rank as the dean.AMBIk!!memilih sangat.tulah,tuhan marah orang kuat memilih.
She is a pro in rock engineering,so hopefully she have a title for my research as I'm totally blur what am I suppose to do a research on.

One of my friend will be graduating for his master this october,and he is going to London for his pHd.InsyaAllah.
Me: Tak jealous ke with our friends yang dah kerja?
Him: Mint,kita belajar je dulu.Experience kita boleh cari sampai mati.Selagi boleh ni.just go with it.
Him:Lagipun all 3 of my sisters dah ada phd,so,malulah me as the only son.
Me: tercabar lah ni?
Him:Kind of.tapi buat je selagi mampu

So,I told him that maybe I'll be joining him in the future, :P hahahha.nak jugak lah tu pergi study oversea.but then,I think after master ni,gotta take a break first and kerja.Since my plan is that,I wanna go to UK together with my brother.Now my brother is doing his maybe lagi 2-3 years time lah tu.
Well,its just a plan.
*Hope will come true!

Owh,lupa pula.My birthday lagi 4 days!!
I nak instax 25s, concert tix and yang paling penting I WANT A BOYFRIEND!
hahaha.ok,I sound so lame.I want a good looking-superduper rich-good manners-sweet talker boyfie.
(Ok,patut lah till now i'm still single)

Oklah,a boyfriend is too much.I nak a date with Fizo omar boleh??for one night je.haish,shud go and tweet fizo now and ask him out on a date lah.hahaha