Thursday, January 24, 2008

Up and down

OMG!...i wanted to blog so much!and never got the time...
thing i wanted to blog about but never got the chance:
1)8tv bday bash....ages ago dah this thing happen
2)Went outing wif GF!!!
3)Outing yg tak dsengajakan...*i was so gler happy*
4)feel like killing myself.SERIOUSLY!....

Life has it ups and downs.And now i'm in the DOWN zone!...I get pissed off so many damn giler byk times!Rasa mcm nak end my life by bunuh diri.But then i think of the people around me and most of all GOD.

And assignment gler byk and h/work and quizzes and test!..,,PLUS!..I MISS MY FAMILY...
miss them badly,especially Mateen and D&D.

Tomorrow will be the release date of Danish's first movie,CUCI.

Wanted to watch the show with him,but then have to wait till i get back in KL,which is another 11-12 days!...

MAMA NAK BALIK!!!I miss everyone.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quote of the day

Engineers decision shape the world
get the quote today in Malaysian Studies class.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My 80th post!

I am having mind block.
What a lame 80th post.
This week is full of quizzes and tutorial.
Away for a while.
Bye world.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Band/group/celebrities I've met:

Faizal Tahir___CHECK
Jaclyn Victor__CHECK
Pop Shuvit____CHECK
Meet Uncle Hussain_CHECK

how did i meet all of 'em?well,gonna blog bout it l8r,now gotta study for Surveying Quiz which is tomorrow.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Baby I'm back!

Yay!Akhirnya ku berjaya tiba di kuala lumpur tepat jam 1106malam semalam.

Today sepatutnya keluar berdua bersama cousin!tetapi malas....lagipun kalau dah balik tapi tak duduk rumah,rasa seperti kehilangan pula.

Anyway,tomorroe will be meeting up with cousin for the 8tv Bday Bash in OneUtama!YAY!!party time beybeh..

And just now after tighten my retainer,i straight away went to Puduraya to buy my bus ticket.

That's all folks!.mmmm...

p/s:aimi..i'm so sure yg on cbox with the name "..." is you kan??Coz u jer yang call me chomot.ANNOYING!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I will come to you.

Yay!Esok ku akan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur.(ekspresi yang penuh girang).

Tidak tertahan rasanya ingin bertemu dengan ahli keluarga dan menghirup udara bandar yg tidak bersih sangat itu.

Kini ku hanya membuang masa dengan benda yang tidak berfaedah,walhal esok ada kuiz matematik.Damn.Ku hampir terlupa tentang quiz.
Oh ya!baru teringat,aku belum memulakan ulangkaji kerana sedang menunggu satay yang ku kirim pada budak bilik depan.Harap-harap satay.Ku amat lapar sekali.

Mana satay aku??

Selamat menyambut awal muharram kepada semua umat Islam.

No satay.No study.I want food!I need food!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Many people want to have that "cool" impression,or in other words,"the popular" clique.
Some turn themselves into a "hot" stuff.And there is also who act on their own,being just "I".

People who want to look as if they are cool,and they try their best to look cool,are actually not so "COOL".They are just bunch of loser who want to be in the clique.
And being too "hot" are not that good,because at the end of the day you might turn into a piece of canvas with lots of colour.LESS IS MORE.

I have one friend who try her/his best to look cool and hot..So in the end...She turn out to be just WARM!!!hahahahaha..(well that is my opinion,i don't really care what other think about him/her)



I'm not sure if there is actually people reading my blog!

But whatever..i think i never mention any name in my blog,if there is i'm So sure that i say good things about that person!No hard feeling,its just a blog..

My problem are solved.My friend has volunteer to send me to the station!..YAYAYAYA...

today did my first Lab Engineering which is the Concrete Mixing..It gives me the feel of becoming an engineer!weeeee..........

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Change of Plan 2

Last week,it have been decided that my friend and I,we will go back to KL together because she also wanted to go to the event.

The event is 8tv Bday bash in One Utama.

Yesterday she told me.."Mint,since the event is on Sunday,I'm only going to KL on Sunday and get my self back in UMP on Sunday itself,and i'm goin with MrKg and EnKG"...she didn't really say, EnKg and MrKg.I made it up.Hahahha.

I was like!Hell i have to go back KL all by myself.So,my OWN plan.

Friday after class,prepare and called taxi to pick me up and send me to the bus station.
Saturday go to the dentist to tighten my retainer.
Sunday go to One Utama and hope I won't meet my "KG" friends.I'm going with my D&D.

At first i was not so confident travel all alone,but when i think of Nicole,it gives me the confident to do so!...If I am not brave enough to go back KL by myself,how am I going to travel the globe by myself in the future??

I just created a new blog called,"ChocolateVanilla"...

Friday, January 4, 2008

the plan is...

Next Thursday is public holiday,Awal Muharam.Wednesday class end at 11am.

The plan:
Go back to KL on wednesday evening,and beg the lecturer to replace friday classes.

The truth:
Wednesday class until 11am,thursday is a public holiday.friday morning class managed to be cancel.But Friday evening......there is 3 hours class!!!!!

I only get to go back on friday evening after class...and there goes my plan to have a long weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Saya Lemas!!

I feel like and idiot with a big L on my head because i also feel like a LOSER!....why am i such an idiot back then..something happen because i made it happen and now i feel like shit making it happen!!!...huh??...

Actually today was quite ok.My mood was good,but everytime i think about that one thing I did.


But i kept that feeling to myself,so it does not effect people around me....


Every new year,most people have a new resolution.

I haven't really sure what is mine but i know what is D&D new year resolution..

  • Score 11A is his SPM..(so he will studying like mad this year...)
  • Start to pray 5 times a day..complete!
  • Save more money to enjoy after SPM is over
  • If he miss Yakitate Ja-pan at night show the he will watch the morning show.
  • If he miss Slamdunk the night show,then he will watch the morning show.
  • He will watch the new anime at 9pm
  • Sleep early
  • Start to do his h/work after Isya',but if there is an anime show.....h/work later!

My comment:Danial's resolution is acceptable and i'm proud of him..but danish's....ALL ABOUT ANIME!...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all.

For the first time in my life,i celebrate new year all alone at home.

Early morning i woke and went for breakfast with familia,then baba send me to MidV.All the family member went to Batang Kali to help mama intan kemas barang to pindah.
I spent time in MV with Aimi until 5pm.Well my feet are kind of pain because i was wearing heels!

Before taking the train to go back home on myself,i ask Danial where he is?and they are still in Batang Kali.
So i should just go back by train and then walk all alone in the dark from the station to my house.At first it was kind of scary,but I try my best to walk a fast as i can with heels and a pain feet in the dark.The road don't even have a walkway,so some "kampung" motorcyclist are disturbing me.

I safely reached home at 8pm and called baba to tell him i'm all save back home.

Then after refreshing myself up and everything,I watched X-MEN marathon!Long hours of xmen+new year all alone=i make myself feel good.

So that is how i welcome the year of 2008!

p/s:why i didn't i take the train to batang kali and join the family??FOOL of me!

the train was like sardine yesterday.WORST than a can of sardine actually,even the officer at the train station ask everyone to get into the train as much as possible coz he said.."masuk semua ruang kosong....semua pun nak balik cepat and celebr8 new year dgn family,nak potong kek semua..masuk..masuk..."..

PAKCIK!!kitaorang dah macam nasi impit dalam train!!!!