Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yesterday went to SunwayPyramid with Mama,mateen and danish.I saw my tutormate and i saw my girlfriend!..(lazy to blog bout yesterday)
Today went to Subang Parade!was searching for shoes,and handbags.Went to all the store but found nothing attractive.While walking out of Subang Parade,suddenly mama remember of a new shop called PedalWorks.And it is HEAVEN!the shoes and sandals are so attractive and it makes me hard to choose!..Now i need to search for handbags!...

Befora going to SubangParade,i went to the post office to post pretsie to Aimi in Indonesia.At first i wanted to use the normal post,but it will take a week and I'm scared if those indo people steal the gift.So i used the poslaju!and i feel more secured.So aimi wait for my gift ya?

I told aimi that i spent rm.... to send her pretsie.And she said that it is a waste since she is coming back in 20 days time.But I don't think its a waste.I love buying present for people.Spend money for the loved one are my favourite.It makes me feel so good!hehehe...I love to give present and cards and yadayada to my family and friends.

Monday, November 26, 2007


The guy did something romantic towards the girl and..

Girl:You don't have to do that.I'm beginning to hate you.
Guy:I love you too
*I think it was so cute because the guy realy understand what the girl feels .


Today is better than other day.Other day i will repeat the same routine and stay at home which is boring.But today i went out with Ain and Ain.Both sister have the same name which is Ain.Cool aite?

Woke up 0930,send Danial to lasalle for tennis,then send Mateen to his kindergarten.And at 1055 reached SunwayPyramid.I promised to meet Ain in front of the cinema at 1100.
Wait for ain like 30mins,at 1130 only she reached Sunway,and she got to park her car and yadayada.
Bought ticket for BEE MOVIE,showing at 1320.So,we went staright to lunch at KFC then go window shopping after lunch! GIRLS LOVE WINDOW SHOPPING.
Then 1320 go watch movie and after the movie ended we continue our window shopping.Our last visit was DIVA.At 1530 Ain decide to go back because she got to cook for her family.(cook??)
But I have to wait for mama,so i spent my time in DIVA.And I found an attractive necklace for someone's birthday.First, i saw one attractive necklace,and suddenly another,and another and more!I cant decide which is the best.So I called Aime who is in Indonesia to help me choose.(As if i can't called someone who is in Msia!).And i follow aimi choice and bought it.
Then i went to SaSa to buy shampoo for my "sick" hair.

At 1620,mama picked me up!YAY!....

Saturday, November 24, 2007


period pain sgt menyusahkan.I gives me headache since pagi till now!!310am!
Rasa macam semua beban in this world is on my head.Tadi at 12 i decide to sleep early,hoping that the pain will go away.But it doesnt,it get worse.So i go and sms my friend randomly telling them about my pain( sound stupid)but it works!the more people i tell about the pain,the pain become less.I called it."d-sms theraphy".

I just got to face this kind of pain every month.Its hard being a lady.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Banyak yang nak ditulis.
Tapi malas untuk di alirkan.
Ku malas,Ku malas

Penyakit ini memang sering ada,
Entah bila ia akan lari dan pergi.

*woah,managed to create a poem!!got lots of things to blog but not in a mood.Just bought myself a novel and it fill my time well!..thinking of updating this blog with links..and yadayada...hope the "rajin" will come soon!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yay!!my holiday start with PENANTIAN (WAITING)...fIRST!-To balik Kl on friday,i walk all alone to the bus stop in front of UMP at 340pm and reach the bus atation and I'M da ONLY girl there...teeheee...all the guys langsung tak menarik perhatian so mcm quite boring,but then suddenly,One HOT stuf arrive!!and we gotta wait till like 410pm!...
So dlm bas for 4 hours and reached Pudu.
then mama told me that they are still so far from KL!!!and i gotta take the putralrt to TamanJaya and after reaching at 830pm..mama told me that they are still in SLIM RIVER!!!!!!like WHAT!!!!?????!!!so waiting lagi.....waiting sgt lama kat station selama 2 jam!!!!
whatever..just get back from mamak's and fulfill my craving towards teh tarik and roti boom!!!!WOW!!full of FATS!!and so what???i'm happy ME!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm All Alone

yesterday,the whole family went to Penang Island EXCEPT me!and today mama called and asked what I want them to buy for me in Penang.and of course FOOD!Penang is like the heaven of food,.."food paradise!"..
Tomorrow mama going to call me and asked me what i want,they will be departing from penang to KL around noon,which is at lunch hour.
tomorrow,i will be facing the LAST battle at 9am till 11am.Then at 330pm CHALO!

This will be the last entry i blog from UMP because this evening i will keep my notebook and pack all my things so that i wont be in a rush tomorrow...In other word can't wait to be back in the city!

This morning I just realized something.It has been like ages since my last HOLIDAY!...i need to go on a vacation.Does anybody need a partner????!!!...hehehe.
My last trip,was "SEMENANJUNG MALAYSIA in 7days!"..It was so damn cool because we.(the whole family) start our trip in JOHOR and end up in Genting Highlands!.Cool aite?And my favourite of all was TERENGGANU and PENANG.Those two are my fav because i love BEACH AND FOOD!!!

I wanted to go to MAURITIUS!!the last time i went there was in 2001!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the last battle!

well..material test??DONE!!yay one more to go and I'm done with finals!n KL we return to!!weeehooo...

And just now arm told me that my blog has been hacked..and i was like WTF??..then he told me that he wrongly type and it lead to bible..ydayada page...

And last few days,i wanted to go to my friend blog which is but i wrongly type
AND GUESS WHAT???it leads to the same bible page..

those christian ppl really know how to spread their teaching well..

ok..nuff for now!!buhbhye!


P/S:so proud of myself coz i answered my material paper confidently!60%!!!weeeehoooo

Monday, November 12, 2007

No used for regret...

Mechanics exam?DONE!..and 2 more to go.

The question are all very familiar with and easy but me...I don't remeber some here and there!!...wargh...reminder:NO MORE LAST MINUTE STUDY!..well i've been telling myself that since like form5,but the same thing happen again and again..KU TAK SEDAR??!!mmm...what ever...i'm done with mechanics and now is MATERIAL!....
cement,brick,metal,...n i dont remeber what else...

Oh ya!...I just found out that another girlfriend of mine already had a our gang of 6,3 are already when!..hahha...i'm still waiting for some rockstar...I want a rockstar who can sing me Unintended by muse!Can i ave Matthew Bellamy!??..

Sunday, November 11, 2007


So proud of myself!!Why??because tomorrow is mechanics Final test and i just started studying like 2 days ago!!welll...its betta than know nothing..But today i did a lil exercise and whenever i refer to the book for example,i'll go.."I know this.."..but when i close the book and try to do it on my own..."Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...."..BAH!

Yesterday chat wif my fren and he just came back from watching MUSE!!!concert and the day before was Justin's!!!FUCK him,hate u for it amm!!!!!when justin is gonna come to KL ??!!!pleaseplease..
And talking bout muse,the past muse concert in daddy get 3 ticket and he gave it to his friend,then he took me and the whole family to Genting Highland??!!!WHY!!???he should have let me watch muse!!..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa....ok...

Tomorrow final start and....even if i say i am not well-prepared i still have to face I will say that...I'm OK-OK to face it!!!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Is it My fault??

yesterday all of us the civil engineering student went to pick our Faculty jacket.And is it my fault that i am fat??well the jacket is waywayway to big for me and I try my friend's jacket and i cant Zip coz my BUTT is too big!But they cant discriminate ppl with big ass.God gives me one so what shud i do???And the jacket was way labuh that my butt is too big so i cant zipped up the jacket!Don't they know that JACKET was meant to be till ur waist and not the BUTT!!so now i dunno what i'm spose to do...WARGH!!how special fat people is..I only can wear jacket that is made specially for me!!!mwahahahahhaha...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1957 Hati Malaya

Such a great movie.Well it might be boring for some people,but for me it is SUPERB!
Watch it if you are full of passion towards the independence.Watching the movie really take you back to the old time when the country is fighting for MERDEKA!

HATI MALAYA is something different than other movie produce in malaysia!Love it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Blogging from HOME!!!Back for da weekend and on monday will b goin back to UMP for study leave..And i'm spose to study..hehehe
Well..I arrived in KL on thursday....and my journey to KL this time is WAY different than usual
Usually, i will take bus from terminal in Kuantan and straigh to KL.But this time I took a bus from Temerloh!
How did i end up in temerloh???...well such an interesting story n i wanna blog bout it
But now having a massive headache n there is a BreadPudding calling me in the fridge!!! bout the temerloh thingy soon!!!....buhbye!!!