Thursday, August 26, 2010


okok...Mint lepas blogging for sure will read my own blog.Yelah,mana ada orng lain nak baca.
And I terjumpa something cute!!!!!

My post hari ni,I letak my pic at the bottom at the entry.
And my post before today,I letak siwon pic at the end of the entry!!!!!!!
OMG!!!what a coincidence!!!
cutenyer.memang jodoh dah ni.

Seriously,Mint secara tak sengaja post up my own pic.Tak ingat langsung pasal my previous entry with siwon picture at the bottom.

I'm an observant

Today in class,ada presentation.
I was observing the way people smile.

Smile with teeth showing,or no teeth???

Both is find.And I did both.

But in my opinion,I think smiling with your teeth showing for the whole 2minutes,can make it look awkward.
Really.Try it for yourself.Go look into the mirror,then try smiling with no teeth for 2 minutes.Still normal.And then try with the teeth showing.In less than 2 minutes,it will look so plastic.

Try looking at those model photos in magazine.If you look at the picture long enough,eventually the smile will get weird.

Okok...I admit,Mint kalau ambik gambar pun,kalau boleh nak tunjuk semua gigi,sampai ke gigi belakang pun nak tunjuk kalau boleh.Tapi itu bila nak ambiik gambar.
And kalau senyum in real life.I pun senyum with my teeth showing.Tapi takde lah I open my mouth sampai 2-3 minit.If I want to smile for a long time....then I show no teeth. ataupun memula with teeth then gradually the mouth will tutup.

But then,tadi masa I observe the people around me.Ada 2 person yang catched my attention.Both of them smile a lot!Generous kan.
But too bad,they smile with their teeth showing for like 2-3minutes.And then when they want to close their mouth,it looks so weird.And sorry to say,after 1 minute looking at their smile,it looks so FAKE.

Yang ni smile tak fake.She's SUPER HAPPY because she is holding LOTS of foods!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hola !!!!

Typing title entry ni,tiba-tiba teringat I nyanyi lgu MariaMaria by Santana...

Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula
Ahora vengo mama chula
My favourite part of the song.Kena feel nyanyi lagu ni,so at this part you have to use a DEEP voice.So cute!ahakz.

Current status: I-am-all-alone-in-the-room-while-all-my-rumm8-are-busy-and-I-have-a-test-tomorrow-but.....

Weih! Nak study lah sebenarnya niat tadi.Tapi.....I can't wait for berbuka!!!!

Wanna go try to study.At least a slide.A SLIDE not one file of slide.haha

Oh ya.
Everyone dah hantar their resume n everything to mintak tempat LI.  Me???...well...ahora vengo mama chula mama chula...

Tadi mama chat with me via fb.Wow!mothers nowadays are super cool!!!tapi mama online sekejap je.Baru nak tanya something.
Maybe I should tell mama about my blog.Then she know who her daughter really is.Not so angel all the time.

 MA!!!if you are reading this.....Hensem tak mamat ni???Danish and danial dah approve dah.Mateen pun suka. :) and I love him too!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shag Bands

Woah!!! i never know that this band have its meaning....and I was so shock!
maybe I'm so outdated since I just know about it like 20 minutes ago.
Anyway,I wanna share it those who doesn't know about it yet.SHoCK!

What do all the different shag band colors mean?


Pick 'shag band' for sex act of choice

Available for just £1 on any High Street, the shag bands have become the latest craze among students, and horrified parents across the country. The different colours — black, blue, red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, green and gold — show how far the little pupils will “go” if propositioned, from a kiss to full sex.

Kids chase each other around schools, and, if they break the band off the wearer’s wrist, the wearer has to offer the physical act that corresponds to the colour of the band.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its Sunday.

Hai.Selamat tengahari dan selamat hari ahad!

oh ye.
Mint berseorangan dalam bilik.Seorang roomate sedang tidur,dan lagi dua orang sedang berjuang demi masa depan.

Mint tak bosan,tapi taktau nak buat apa.Study???MAN!!!!that will be my last choice.

Oh.I wanna update my entry with pics then.


I'll list up the entry that I update later.(as if people are looking forward to it)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dedicated To A Friend

Congratulations to BaiSingh!!!

Hebat ar.
Lets put it to an end,what do you say??

*Jap check mine.

6MONTHS!!!!!!and a week I've been ignored!ahhahahaha

p/s:Today was a good one.But I still go hfdhfvbsjdchb...hahahha..


I found a SUPERCUTE song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So very very sweet, so very very bright You are blinding me so Do you not hear my heart beating? Why are you testing me?
Your face is so handsome, handsome Your voice is so strong, strong I fell for you too deeply after one meeting

The SUPERCUTE song!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The tonsils are getting better!!!!But the muscus are still there.But not so much like before.
Oh ya.New thang now.I got a toothache!
Shit ar!!
Puasa-puasa ni mana boleh pergi dentist.Gotta wait till raya.
Endure it MINt!!!

Something great happen yesterday!!!
He was so down.
But then at one point he look at me,and he smiled!ouhouhouh!!
I make him smiled!
I feel great.
( see the repeatable of "!" ,it shows how great i felt.haha)
*Fictional truth

Monday, August 16, 2010


the weather is-gloomy~~~
Mungkin cuaca sempena nak MInt sihat.I can't stand hot weather.ahakz

My day are so UNPRODUCTIVE.
Blogging ni lah benda yang paling productive I did for today.As if its something important.

I woke at 430am,for sahur.
Then went to class at 830am-930am.
I went back to my room and............NOTHING!!!!
Well,all my friends,YUP!!ALLL my friends are away doing their FinalYearProject.
I took a nap from 11-12pm.Then I play with my nose.Ahhahah..Blow!!BloWW...blow the mucus out.
Used up lots of tissues.

I wanted to did something actually,tapi tiap kali MInt get ready nak keluar bilik.The rain start pouring.And bila MInt duduk mengadap lappie.The rain stop.
Maybe the MotherNature ask me to take the day off.
(Mother nature my head!!)

OK!!tomorrow hope my body will get better and I'll make sure that it will be a productive day.
I've wasted...( let me count....430am til no 1542....)...AWWMIEGAWCH!!!! I've wasted 11++ hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gotta go waste more time.

Hope tomorrow will be One Better Day!..ahakz.

*Oh ya,tomorrow sure is a little productive because I've make an appointment with my chingu at 11am.

I got an Idea!!!since I'm so lazy to do anything related to study that need me to put on my "thinking cap"....I wanna customize my bloggie.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gloomy :)

How Can I Tell if I Have Tonsillitis?

If you have tonsillitis, your throat usually hurts and it's hard to eat or drink or even swallow. You also might have a fever. Here are some other signs that bacteria or a virus are infecting your tonsils:
  • redder-than-normal tonsils..............(CHECK!)
  • a yellow or white coating on the tonsils...........(i don't get this symptom)
  • swollen glands in the neck................(CHECK!)
  • fever..............(i'm having a minor now.hope it get away soon)
  • bad breath...........(*hah*Hah*...inhale my own breath....not really bad..but my mouth taste weird)

If you get tonsillitis, here are some tips that can help you feel better:
  • Drink plenty of fluids..........(once break fast,I'll drink up!)
  • If you are having trouble swallowing regular food, you can eat smooth foods, including flavored gelatin, soups, ice-pops, and applesauce.........( am i suppose to get this kind of food here)
  • Take it easy until you feel better..........(EXACTLy what i'm doing now.I did nothing the whole day except of relaxing.~~~~)
 info from here.

Yup!!!i think its the tonsils attack.Had it since little.The doctor said that operation aren't necessary.So,I gotta live with it.
Must be because of the weather.

p/s:I can smell foods from my room.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Tonite will be the first of ramadhan.
Starting tomorrow all muslim will be fasting.
Selamat Berpuasa To All!!!


Good Morning world!!
Today I woke up with sunshine shining bright in my head!!! :))))
The moment I woke,I talk to my friends,then clap my hand.
Weird or hyper much???
Usually,after waking up,it took me like 2-3 minutes to get my body up,but today....UP!!!up!!!to the infinity and beyond!

Hope something good awaits me today!!!!
*I'm SO in a good mood!!!!!

Its eating day today.Eat!!!Eat!!!Eat!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Tadi mint tengok berita.
Kamera berjaya capture a footballer with his partner which is older than him.
Dulu abang,and sekarang adik pulak

Kalau all the makcik dah tackle all i nak tackle sapa.
Habis dah semua abang kena tackle dengan makcik2.
So???Am I suppose to get the adik-adik..hehehheheh..


Friday, August 6, 2010

happy Belated Birthday

happy belated birthday to me.

Reached KL around 1pm,mama picked me up and straight to SunwayPyramid.
Tunggu Baba balik sembahyang jumaat sebab nak pergi lunch.

Lunch at OleOleBali.
*Oh ya,masa dalam kereta on the way to Sunway,I was thinking of asking mama to buy me a necklace.

Back to lunch....
While waiting for the food to arrive,tiba-tiba mama keluarkan paperbag Tomei and pass it to baba.
And baba pass it to me!!!

baba:Ni belated.mama kata dah dapat driving license baru boleh bagi.
me:belated???**thinking**birthday lagi 2 months...

I pun open the box.Its a necklace with a key!!!yup,its a common symbol as you reached 21.

mama:ada yang ada key with the number 21,tapi you lagi 2 months nak 22.Now you are free.
baba:eh,ma!kat telinga dia kunci and mangga,memang minah kunci lah.
mama:Kunci and mangga for 12th birthday.Ada kunci but still not free because ada just the key.
*i'll post up pic l8r

Ok...I find my parents are so cute and adorable!!!!

so 12th,21st then..????is there any common practice of giving a car as a present at the age of 25th??ehehheh....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Selamat Petang

Hai semua!
Selamat petang dan selamat sejahtera.
Harap sihat-sihat semuanya.
Saya sihat selalu.Bertambah sihat pun macam ye jugak

Oh.Tomorrow I'm going back to KL!!!
Whats up with me going back for 2 weekend in a row???well,It's an order from the F.A.T.H.E.R,
Biasa lah tu,he need to see his only daughter again,last week was such a short weekend,We only met up on Sunday.Tapi baba takdelah cakap that he misses me,"Along,kesian kat Mateen,dia tak puas jumpa along"...alllalla...I know my father.hahaha. &_&...(If I yang perasan,takpelah,kept it to myself)

mmm...Oh ya,I've started doing a lil' here and there of my FinalYearProject.
Not bad lah.I have to sacrifice my water face...Its for the future,SACRIFICE!!!!
I'm suppose to give out questionnaires to students of UMP.Nothin much???There are 270 of questionnaires!!!

For some reasons.Life sux.Sometimes but not all the time.It makes me wonder,"Is it my fault or their fault?"
In life,theres Up and Down.

p/s:I don't update much.Not because I'm busy with classes.But my brain are occupied most of  the time.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm now a fan of Tokio Hotel and I love Kate Perry more and more!!!!

shit!got work to l8r.


p/s: not back in UMP yet,but in my head i'm thinking whether to balik or not nextweek????..."in my head...."...

the peacock song stuck in my head since saturday..."I wanna see your peacock--cock-cock..your peacock..~~~"