Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teatime with Adianeem (8)

Note:This might be the last one.*hope not*..Because my fav character are going away in this story.Sean Farewell!

Its Sunday!
It is one of the day,where Bommie and Minzy will spend their time together for lunch.Today their girlfriends are joining along.Jessy,Yeonny,and Annie.

They had lunch at the most famous restaurant of their neighborhood.

Since they are 5 of them.Bommie and Minzy have to sit far away from each other.Its a downturn for them as they have many secrets to share with each other.

Minzy and Bommie knows well,that today,all the eye-candy of the neighborhood will come to the restaurant to buy foods.Its like a tradition to get lunch from there on Sunday.

The whole time during lunch,Bommie and Minzy chatted by reading each others mouth.They send signal to each other to tell who is entering the restaurant.
Its Bommie job,since she's sitting facing the entrance of the shop.

The people who enter the shop that make Bommie go all excited are KimJoon and his bestfriend,Wuwu,and Yijung.
Sean was standing outside the shop all the time while Yijung was talking to ZF.

While eating,Bommie did not join her girlfriends chatting.Her eyes are all on Sean.She watches what he did,what he's wearing and where he is heading.
Bommie are crazy over Sean.

After they all finish eating,Bommie went up to Minzy and whisper to her ear...

"I saw Sean walking with his backpack just now,My heart tells me that he's going away... :(.."
"So?what we're gonna do??"
"I say we follow him.I'm not sure whether he is going to the academy or he's going to the bus station."
"Chill Bommie,we go check"
*The bus station and their academy are next to each other.

All the girls say their prayer after meal,and get out of the restaurant.They head home.But Bommie and Minzy had other plan.They need to think of something so that their friends won't tag along.

Bom:Minzy...tell them that I want to go withdraw some money.
Minzy:..Girls,You all head home first.I want to accompany Bommie,she want to go withdraw money.
Jessy,Yeonny,and Annie:OK!!!


Such a coincidence.In front of Bommie and Minzy are ZF and OhJi.

Bommie: Man!!!Ohji will think that we followed her!!
Minzy:Naah...we have other businesses too!she's not everything.
Bommie:I think ZF are walking weirdly,why do he keep looking back.Is he suspecting us?
Minzy:No,I think he misses the bus station or academy first.
Bommie: I don't think a person named Sean will be in the academy.

Bommie and Minzy walk under the hot sun to the bus station.
The distance between the bus station and their place are 15minutes walk.

Both of them walk excitedly together.They chat while walking.Obviously,they talk about Sean.

When they are at the distance of 2m from the bus station,Bommie can spot Sean.

Bommie:I SEE HIM!!!I SEE HIM!!!he's going away :(((
Minzy: where??I can't see a thing.Its too hot,I can't see.
Bommie:I can see him clearly.I remember,just now when I saw him when we are eating,he's wearing a blue t-shirt.
Minzy:So now??what are suppose to do??I think Yijung will suspect that we are stalking Sean and him.
Bommie: We are!! now???Are we suppose to turn left and act as if we are actually going to the academy or go straight to the bus stop??
Minzy: Ottoke??
Bommie: I say.....Let's go to the bus station.Act like as if we are going to the MiniStore behind the bus station.Its not like Yijung can read our mind.
Minzy: Okok...lets go...

So both of them continue walking under the hot sun to the bus station.While walking....

Minzy:OMG!!I feel stupid.
Bommie:Bojima....act as if we don't care about them
Minzy:I'm not looking.Eh,Bom...Sean  is smoking..
Bommie: Act cool...

They walk pass by Sean and Yijung,who are waiting for their transport to arrive.

In the MiniStore,Minzy and Bommie stand behind the store window and stalk on Sean and Yijung.

Bommie are so scared to look.So she asked Minzy to look and describe everything to her.The only thing that Bommie manage to see are,a view of Sean full profile for 3 second and Yijung smoking.

After Bommie has gain enough courage to look,she see that the transport have arrived.Suddenly,she feel sad with what she sees.It means that Sean are leaving.So does Yijung.

Minzy:They are bringing lot of baggage along.
Bommie: They are going away :(
Minzy: Where to??Holiday??Back to hometown??
Bommie: I don't know.
Minzy: Ok!...they are gone.
Bommie: BYE BYE SEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minzy:Bom...control yourself..
Bommie: ok..lets go back.

On the way back.They are discussing whether Sean are going for good or he's just going away for a vacation.

Bommie:But,last season,he don't even show up at the academy.Most probably he transferred to other company.
Minzy: I heard about it during class too..
Bommie:.. :( ...No more eye candy for me.We just said our farewell to the "God of eye-candy".
Minzy:Bye-bye Micky yoochun look-a-like.

Bommie even imagining herself who have a lot more courage and walk up to Sean and capture a picture together.
But that didn't happen.

Bommie:I don't have anyone to look at now.Do you think he knows that he look like Micky of Tvxq?
Minzy: He knows!!Because he knows that he  look like Micky,that is why he act like a jerk.
Bommie: Ne...I agree with you on this.

They reach their place.

Bommie:Gomawo unnie...for accompany me.
Minzy: Anieyo..Its something that only both of us understand.Walking under the hot sun,just to make sure where Sean is going.
p/s:Its fictional.Truth

Farewell SF!!!!I'm gonna miss you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teatime with Adianeem (7)

Bommie is at home.Surfing the internet.Then she went to sleep.While sleeping she receive a sms..
Bommie's cellphone vibrate.A sms received.


Bommie ignore the message and continue sleeping.

Minzy is away in the studio practicing her new solo song.

2hours later...
Bommie's cellphone vibrate again.Another sms.

Bom~ah..Caja mokgo


I'll wait for you in the cafe.

Bommie get up and get ready to meet Minzy.

Bommie house are not far from the cafe,so she just walk instead of driving.
As she walks into the cafe,she wave at Minzy.(Bommie as always,the excited one!)

Bom:You saw KimJoon???
Minzy:Ya!!He was siting right in front of me.He came right after you went back.
Bom:..hmmmphhh..anyone with him?
Minzy:Nope,he was all alone,but ZF new scandal did come to see him.
Bom:Euw!!!!She act as if she knows everyone...
Minzy:*whisper*ZF is here....
Minzy:Somewhere at the counter.
Bom:Owh..ok..I'll go to order some food first.

Bommie walk towards the counter to order and she saw ZF.
ZF was carrying 2plates of foods.And there are a lot of foods on the plate.

Bommie give her order and go back to the table where Minzy are at.

Such a coincidence.ZF and his scandal,OhJi, table was opposite of Bommie and Minzy.
Bommie decided to sit next to Minzy instead of sitting in front of her.

Both of them are so cheeky.They just sit and look straight to ZF's table.

Minzy:That woman must be so proud right now.
Bom:Yup..she sure does.Typical OhJi...But, Min,I thought yesterday you say you are all over ZF.
Minzy: I am!!! I don't have any feeling now
Bom: OK good...So what are you eating???
Minzy: Nothing.Suddenly I have no appetite.

In the cafe there is a TV.While Bommie are eating she watch the TV..since Minzy didn't eat,she act as if she is watching the TV.But actually she is watching the table front of her.
And at that very moment...a sad song are played on the Tv....

Bom:*pat Minzy on the shoulder*...Be strong,kay girl..
Minzy:I am....Bom,you wait for a while k,I wanna go grab some cake at the bakery next door.
Bom:OK..I'll watch them for you.
Minzy: :)

10minutes past.

Minzy:Omg!!while I was walking right next to their table,I saw Ohji's plate.She eat a lot!
Bom: maybe ZF loves her so much,so he's feeding her..hahha
Minzy:: Or...So what..I don't care
Bom: .....

Bommie did not believe that Minzy are all over ZF.It is so obvious that she still care.But,Bommie being Bommie,she just act with the flow.

Minzy went for a sleepover at Bommie and Kyunnie's house.

Minzy:Bom~ah...I'm hungry
Kyunnie:I thought you just had your dinner.
Bom: Someone got no appetite during dinner,she's heartbroken.
Bom:Yup..she saw ZF with another woman.
Kyunnie:Who is ZF??
Minzy:A person I used to have a crush on.I thought I have no feeling already.But just now....they were right in front of me.
Bom:Pity you min.
Minzy:...It was such a sad moment.With a background song playing along in the cafe,then ZF is eating happily with Ohji...haish....Eh Bom,don't you think ZF look uncmfortable just now??
Bom::Ya!!kind of..I bet he feel sorry for you...or...actually he is not happy with Ohji..
Minzy:...Ha-ha-ha..not funny ok!!Why am I attracted to him again???

So,Minzy never actually get over her feelings towards ZF....just like what happen with Bommie and her feelings towards XD.

p/s:Its fictional.True

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Malaysia!

Apa khabar semua?

Selama hidup kat Malaysia ni,mint memang berbangga jadi rakyat Malaysia...Kalau merdeka tu,semangat membara-bara.
Oh merdeka dah lepas.
Malaysia ada macam-macam.Eventhough not everything is perfect.Bak kata pepatah,hujan batu di negeri sendiri,hujan emas di negeri orang.
Biasa lah,manusia mana ada yang puas.

Even so,I'm not saying that I hate my country,Its just that at times....I wish I was a Singaporean...or,I wish i'm in Singapore.

Well....why is it that almost all event that got to do with Kpop are held in singapore????why?????Bukan K-Idol jer.dulu Muse singgah singapore,tak jenguk pun malaysia.(eh jap,Muse did come to Malaysia,mint yg tak dapat permission nak pergi.Tiket dah ada )...Avenged sevenfold pergi singapore,tak singgah pun Malaysia.
Dulu-dulu zaman the Moffats,orang singapore yang turun Malaysia.Hish...(tetiba teringat Gil punya autograph session)...OH..Good charlotte pun came to Malaysia.I went for the fanmeeting.

But whatever it is.Now bukan zaman the moffats or Gil or Good charlotte...Its the Hallyu Wave people.

So,I want to dedicate a message to all the singaporeans and people who live in singapore:

Take a minute or 2,and pray to God,for He has blessed you by making you live in a country called Singapore...Do enjoy any event held there.Send my love to the idols. I admit that I envy you.But this is my part,He knows what best for me.I'll work hard so that one day,I'll be able to go there and attend any event that I feel like attending.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Note:This post is about mint,don't read it,if you think you'll hate it.


On 16th of October,I went back to KL on the evening.Because I have seminar in the morning.And the next day I woke up...ITS THE DAY!!!!!
OMG!!!i'm kind of new to all this Kpop stuff.But TVXQ have always been my biased.Its like.....I love them more than other groups.But too bad,I just get to know them for 1 year,then they disband. :((

OK back to my 171010.
Went to Stadium Negara around 1230pm.
Everyone was wearing either black or red.Its their colour.
I wore black because I can;t find anything in red.
Met up with my B2uty friend,and get t know her friend.So I make more friends.I think its normal for you to go alone to any Kpop event,and at the end of the day,you'll get a new friend.
(My first experience was during Ukiss fan-meeting,at  that time I'm still new,so I don't have the chance to get to know anyone)
The showcase suppose to start at 2pm....But at 2pm the gate are still not open,as JYJ as still rehearsing.
(My friend,Kat are so lucky.She get to see the boys rehearsing,because she accidentally get lock in the stadium!!!)
Around,230pm.Gate open..YEAH!!!!JYJ!!!!
The moment I step into the stadium...and I saw the stage..i went.."OH MY GOD!!!!" does my friends.
(but in pics,they look so little)
I sat next to Maki during the showcase.
Me::OH MY!!!Oh my!!!(I look at Maki with a SHOCK expression)
Maki:AAAA....Jaaejoong!!!(she grab my hand)
*we're excited!

remind ya,Kitaorang baru kenal 1jam.Tapi dh rapat.Its the power of JYJ!.hhhaha...

Both of us are so speechless.Thats why we scream!!!
And ..yada...yada...
At 4..they said byebye.WHAT???!!!! 1 hour!!!
We felt like crying at that time.We don't want to get out of the stadium.But after 30minutes,the RELA people ushered us out....SO SHORT!!!!

I had this vision repeated in my head every time I listen to their voices!!!argh!!!! JYJ!!! it was such a short meeting. 1 hour!!! (I chose to upload this video because...JJ did body waves!!!!!!!!AUWAUWAUW!!!!)

p/s:It was so short,that is why i purposely dropped my Heart and Soul in the stadium,and passed it to Yoochun to take it with him.So that we'll meet again.MAYBE THEY WILL BE HAVING A CONCERT NEXT YEAR!!!!MARI KITA MENABUNG!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Such a special date aite?

I don't exactly remember today date when I woke up this morning.(Yup,I woke extra early today)
I know its 20th of October 2010,when I saw like almost everyone status on FB stating..."special 20102010"...

Then I pun wonder,"Dear God,is there anything special you prepare for me??I hope there is..."..
I pergi class at 8am then balik at 9am..nothing special happen..
I had keria for breakfast..It was DELICIOUS!!..(takkan lah the keria is my "something special" for today?)
Then went for lunch,nothing happen. here and there..spamming here and there..and its almost 6pm.hmmm..Tak ada apa-apa pun yang special.Useless je I have the opportunity to went through this special date.

But then.God is fair right?

Today is SO special,that I want to smile so bright,yet I want to curse.How?
Special kan.
Its like,I want to marah...but when I think of the good thing that happened,I laugh by myself.
So,God make me neutral today.

Jadi,kehadapan sesiapa yang telah membuat mint pissed off,or you think you want to make me..forget it.I'm so HAPPY today,that it overcome everything!!!!

p/s:Teatime coming up! Makcik Adianeem dah balik from holiday in Taiwan. HAha

Teatime with Adianeem (6)

After a Looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg break...adianeem is back ya'll!!!

Its been a long time since Minzy and Bommie spend time together.So,one evening,they decided to have a walk around the lake.

While walking,Minzy met her old friend.Fany.

Fany:Eh!Min!Bom!..How you guys doing?
Minzy:we're doing great.What you doing?
Fany:I just went to the stall nearby.Min and Bom,are you guys going to the stall too?
Fany: Great!!Min,could you buy me anything at the price of RM2 then you pass it to my coordi nuna.She live nearby your house right?
Minzy:Owh..ok...will do

Minzy and Bommie continue walking....and suddenly Bom spotted 3 figure..

Minzy:Ya...i think that is...
Bommie:Its sean!!!!!!OMG!!OMG!!!!(bommie are out of control,she's so excited)
Minzy:YA!!!it is him.with ZF n YiJung
Bommie:are we following 'em or going to the stall???
Minzy:aaaaaaaaaa.....Fany have givven me money to buy for her something...
Bommie:BUT!!!this is random...its not like we get to see Sean all the or no stalk.
Minzy:I say stalk!!!

So,Bommie and Minzy followed the three figures.ZF,Yijung and Sean.
(Can't recall who's who,Sean is one of the famous brothers....While Minzy had a crush over ZF)

Bommie:Min!!!! I'm so happy seeing Sean again!!!! I miss him so badly!!!
Mizy:Bom,,,he put on weight don't you think??
Bommie:But still...JJANG!!!

Bommie and Minzy followed right behind them

Bommie:..OHMYGOD!!!Since this morning I was praying to God.Hope that something special will happen to me.Since today date are so special 20102010.And its happening!!!SEAN!!!!
Minzy: :))

The three guys went into the MiniStore while Minzy and Bommie sat and wait outside.

Bommie are smiling from ear-to-ear since the moment she saw Sean.

When the three guys walk out of the MiniStore,Bommie and Minzy act as if they didn't know the guys are there.
Minzy gaze followed the three guys.While Bommie are all shy,so she didn't look.

Minzy:Seriously Bom...your sean put on wieght.
Bommie:;aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww.....My sean!!!! I can't look...I'm shy!
Minzy:...hahaha...Bom and her shyness..hahha..ok,I look for you.
Bommie:BOJIMA!!!Look at yours.ZF. Bojima sean!
Minzy: I don't even sneak peek at ZF.I'm so OVER with more feeling....sean..

And,the three guys keep on walking till they are out of Minzy's sight.They went back home.Bommie can't see anything because,she's sitting in front of Minzy.

Bommie:Yeah!We'll be seeing Sean from now on.
Minzy: I'm happy for you Bom...You REALLY look happy!

p/s:Its fictional.true

Monday, October 18, 2010


dear diary....(17/10/10)


yoochun given me back my heart n soul.But I purposely drop some of  it again on the way out of the stadium,so that we'll meet again. T___T

I'll blog bout it tomorrow.I don't have my keyboard with me,and I'm so lack of time.
Gotta strive for a better future so that I can go and redeem part of my heart n soul that I left with yoochun.

Friday, October 15, 2010

And the award goes to....

well!..a special title have been awarded to the JacqAzz.Hahaha! For me to know and for you to find out.

Workload are so-so-so OVERload.
Gotta submit things that havent been done.

My group leader asked me to submit my project  thingy on SUNDAY!(I will try to finish it up on Monday)
My Supervisor asked me to hand-in my draft on monday which is the next day after SUNDAY!(I'll just hand-in what i did before.Sorry Mr.SV)
My dean just announced that my test going to be on tuesday,which is 2 days after SUNDAY!(I think.....can't I just skip it??its not like I know what to answer.But anyhow,will try my best to study.)

And I'm only going back tomorrow,which is saturday because I have a seminar.Why does it have to be on saturday??a day before SUNDAY!!

So,basically,I'm sacrificing my work.for SUNDAY.
I'm so not gonna be bother about anything on sunday,except for three alphabets, J...Y and J.....KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....

My heart and soul are not here with me.I've signed,sealed,and delivered it to Chunnie. Hope he take good care of it.I'm taking back my heart and soul on Sunday.That is why I have to sacrifice everything to meet him up. If not,I will be a person without a heart and soul for a long time.

Yup,I know.I should have sacrifice my Sunday instead of sacrificing my work,which is related to my result and will effect my ARE SO WRONG!

Orang sibuk dalam kepala fikir macammana nak settlekan kerja,macammana nak settlekan FYP.But me??? I'm so busy with mama,asking her to search for me a red tshirt to be wear on SUNDAY!and I'm so busy thinking how to buy my bus ticket so that I can go back tomorrow.(Oh ya...I've settled my ticket issue.Meon and Intan and Ana went out today :)))))..they help me buy it.)Kalau tiket takde,memang I will be a girl who live a life without her heart and her soul.

See!I repeat the word Heart and soul like so many times.This SUNDAY really is important for me.

Since today is Friday,which is 2 days before SUNDAY...I already feel like hugging everyone I see....Want a free hug???come see me..but make sure you smell nice ok.hehehe.

If only I can hug him on Sunday!fuck,not enough money.Its ok.Its my part.Syukur with whatever I have.Alhamdulillah...I just live up to what I can afford.See him from far away...CHUNNIIEEE!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My heart is empty~~empty~~

Apa khabar semua?

Mint rasa macam mint sihat.But hell no!!I'm on medication.haha.I have all sorts of colour of medicine.

I'm 22 years old since 6th of October. I'm all grown up now.And God gave me a present too.My skin ada irritation yg sgt weird.It just won't go away.I received everything that He gives me with an open heart.Semua yang berlaku ada hikmah.Bak kata mama,"benda nak jadi,nak buat macammana".
The skin irritation sangat pelik,until the tahap that my parent nak bawak pergi jumpa tabib cina.Haha.This is funneh!

In case I forget what happen on my birthday:
  • My family was the first to wish
  • My lil cousin,Aishah sang me Playhouse Disney birthday song
  • My ol' cousin,Aina sang me some weird birthday song that make me end up being friend with the monkey.
  • Facebook wishes are uncountable.
  • My birthday was on Wednesday,and I went back for the weekend,went for karaoke session with the family.(Me and my sibling discover that we matched so well with Fabulous Cat song.Each of us have our own part)(The whole family surprise me with "we-don't-have-enough-money-to-buy-you-anything" moment)
Ok lah.I think thats the only main point I should remember.

Ouh..yesterday,as in Tuesday(12th oct 2010) girlfriends surprised me with a birthday cake!!!!SURpRISED!!!

Mama called me earlier,saying shes all excited to go watch Lobo live in Genting this friday.But unfortunately,baba gotta go to work.So no Lobo for her.
(Now I know why mama are supportive when me and my brother want to go to an event.She never say no.Well,she's just like us)
hahhaha.Owh,eventhough Mama's event cancelled,mine aren't.SUNDAY WILL BE A HISTORY OF MY LIFE!!!BIG DATE with a guy with a very sexy collarbone~~Auw!Auw!He's bringing his 2  friend as well..The more the merrier.

Workload are OVERload...well not so over,its just that I didn't manage my time well enough.(ok,sedar diri,bagus!)
And next semester,I will be doing my internship.The downturn is that,I belum dapat tempat to go for internship.(Point finger to myself..LOSER!)

Kaylah.Nuff ranting.
Blogging just to fill up my time.Now gotta get back to work.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ola!!I love kitty kat.yeah I sure do.But I prefer those cats with owners rather than stray cats.Because stray cats doesn't get their vaccination.haha.Choosy much!

Guess,I'm posting this up because of the cat or the guy who is next to the cat???hahhaha

p/s:10 days to go!!