Friday, September 13, 2013

25,umarried,childless and JOBLESS

Today I open up my facebook as usual and I stumbled upon a post of a friend.
The post catched my link to this site..

26, unmarried, and childless

the post hit me right on my face.EXACT situation.
but she have a job and I AM JOBLESS and i still live with my parents.
Oh the author is the youngest of her sibling while I am the oldest.

Mama have started nagging about my life.everyday,everymorning.
When mama start nagging,I'll be really quiet for like one day.
I try my best not to spend my mama and baba much.Well, I haven't ask them for allowance for the pass 3 months.
And now I am totally broke.haish.
What a life.

Oh,I am single for sure.
Even both of my younger brother have brought home their girlfriend and meet mama.Hahahaa...Siap bawak keluar makan and whatnot lagi.
Its ok. its the qada' and qadar that Allah have planned for me. Everything happen for a reason.
God won't give you more than you can handle. I am strong oh jyeah!

And for now,I just pray so hard that I'll manage to finish up my dissertation that is so hard.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Self reflect

I am 25 this year.
Yet I am unemployed.
Have no working experience.
Currently in my last semester of my master,but it seems like I have to add another semester as my dissertation is a total mess.(InsyaAllah,try my very best to end it this semester.But the whole going-to-the-lab thing is dragging.I'm not a lab type of person.I hate the numerical modelling by using some very hard programe that i never even heard of...PFC2D,have u heard of it?? if yes,I need your help doing the coding..
Oh!and I have to go to other faculty lab to borrow their so WTH!
Why did i choose that title for my dissertation in the first place.its like digging my very own grave.I know its not good to sigh.But...*DEEP SIGH)
I spent most of my 24 hours doing the same thing..wake up-send brother to school-send brother to college-send baba to work-spend a few hours at home-pick brother from school-pick brother from college-night.
Yup!the same thing everyday.
Sometimes, I sit back...well,I lied,not sometimes but most of the times.Instead of going to the laboratory and do my research,i sit back and reflect on my life.*deep sigh*
I feel like this is my biggest mistakes.I'm digging my own grave.Why!
I should have choose something that suit me.
If life have a uturn or I can turn back time,FOR SURE I'll change everything.

And now here I am.Its a do-or-die situation.There is no way out...By hook or by crook I have to finish my study.And I think,i cant make it this semester.its all too late.Extend?? *deep sigh*

One month from now I have to submit my dissertation report,and I have no confidence of finishing it on time.I havent even start doing my experiment.Yup! I dont blame anyone else.Blame it on myself.My fat-ass are just so lazy.I admit it.I'm a slow learner and super lazy.Dah lah slow,nak lazy lagi.

How am I suppose to tell mama and baba that i cant finish my study this semester.what a waste of their money.pity em.
I pity my parent the most.How unfortunate of them to have a daughter and a firstborn that they cant rely on.Sad :(

I feel like crying as i'm blogging right now.omg!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alive part 1

Hello!..The most latest update.On Friday I went to KLCC to watch ukiss and demi performed.well here some pics for BaiSingh.nyehehehehe.

Note to Baisingh:Wa segan nak letak kat fb sebab nanti my friend tau I'm so lyke dat,.hahahahha

mwahahahha..please be jealous bai.tapi apa lah sangat kalau nak dibandingkan dengan kehidupan all of my friends yang dah ni tetap enjoy je kerja.haish! *point to self*
Special teaser for part 2::::
Character teatime!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello world!
Mint is doing fine.
But her studies are not so fine.She is so caught up with the entertinment world,up to the point she ignore her research.Concert lah,party lah.award lah.
Lets just wish her all the best.
InsyaAllah,she will be graduating from her master this semester.